Meghan Markle Opens Up to Ellen About Her Problematic Old Car

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Do you remember your first car? If you were lucky, maybe your first car was your dream car that you got as a present for your 16th birthday. For most of us, that’s not how it worked.

First cars are often old cars. They’re often whatever we can afford with the money we scrape together to pay for the vehicle. A car that starts out second-hand often becomes even more worn out if we keep it as our only means of transportation for multiple years.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, revealed some little known facts about an old car she used to drive to auditions. We don’t know that this was necessarily her first car, but it was definitely an old car that had a major problem.

The Ellen Show is filmed in Burbank, California, on the Warner Brothers backlot. A lot of shows and movies are filmed on this huge backlot. Although Markle hadn’t been on the backlot in at least a decade, she used to visit it quite often. She reminisced about going to multiple auditions on the backlot and mentioned how friendly the security guards were when they saw her enter the lot.

Markle didn’t just speak about the security guards. DeGeneres also asked her about the car she used to drive to auditions, and she had quite an interesting story to tell. You see, her car door wouldn’t unlock on the driver’s side, so she had a very unique way of getting inside her car after an audition.

Watch the video below to hear Markle reminisce about auditioning at the Warner Bros lot, and hear what she used to have to do to unlock her car after an audition.


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Did you ever drive a car that had major problems? How would you react if you saw someone enter their car through the trunk and close it behind them?