How Meghan Markle’s Royal Makeunder Is Inspiring This Year’s Brides

It is true that we are almost two weeks past what was the most anticipated wedding of the year, but people are still zooming in on some of the details of Meghan Markle’s wedding look. One of the hottest topics is her makeup!

She’s gained plenty of admirers who are complimenting her natural beauty, but no one was quite sure what to expect when she walked down the aisle. Markle’s skin had a glow and there was no hint of dark, smoky eyes, contoured cheekbones, or cakey foundation on her face.

Instead, her makeup artist opted for a simplistic, less-is-more look that highlighted her freckles, eyes, and brows. Since she’s been inspiring women with her style, it comes as no surprise that the makeunder is becoming a thing again.

What is a makeunder? Typically, only a few products are used and the face’s natural glow is emphasized, rather than glam and pop. Gone are the false eyelashes, boldly colored lips, and drawn-on brows. Nudes, subtle eye shades, and minimal amounts of foundation or concealer are used.

It’s been somewhat of a bridal tradition to go glam with makeup, with some brides hiring a professional makeup artist to ensure they look “perfect”. Worried about shiny spots, acne, and having a camera-ready face all day, ladies scan Pinterest and other sites for their dream look and dream artist.

Compared to the “makeunder”, money and time spent going for a full-on bridal makeover can add up. Meghan Markle’s light routine for her walk down the aisle has spawned experiments and a new appreciation for less with some who are dedicated to having a “beat face”.

Her artist Daniel Martin chose products to highlight her natural skin tone and features. A tiny touch of peach on her cheeks, some gray eyeshadow, and light pink on her lips were just enough to let her own beauty shine through.

Recently, Martin revealed that he used something from Dior’s collections, plucking a water-based foundation and concealer for Meghan’s big day. Meant to accentuate rather than be dramatic, it comes in neutral shades and lightweight formulas.

Over the last year or so, there’s been a small movement that has women going makeup free or rocking more natural looks. Celebs like Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga have all tried walking on the lighter side, and with the “Meghan effect”, it is likely we’ll be seeing more of it in fashion.

Bridal publications and websites are seeing an uptick in interest for minimalist and “barely there” makeup trends, showing more women are interested in turning down the dial a little bit. Since the royal wedding, Pinterest searches have surged for “makeunders”!

To hear what Martin had to say about the bride’s royal wedding beauty routine, click on this video below. If Markle is having this much influence on beauty trends, then don’t be surprised to see the tides of bridal makeup turn for a long time to come.

Do you prefer makeunders or full glamorous makeovers for brides? Were you a fan of Meghan Markle’s bridal makeup? What did you like or dislike?