13 People Share Stories About Meeting Their Heroes and Regretting It

Bryan Horowitz

Everyone probably has at least one celebrity they would like to meet. This is probably because he or she is someone you look up to, admire and respect. Besides how talented he or she is, you probably also assume that he or she is genuinely nice or at least respectful and courteous of fans.

Life can be surprising and celebrities can be disappointing. Not everyone who is famous is a nice person all the time, and some fans have found that out first hand.

Reddit user Scuba_Steve93 asked, “What is your ‘we should never meet our heroes’ story?” The Reddit community responded with tales of disappointment. Scroll down to learn about some of these experiences. Hopefully, nobody you look up to is on this list.

  1. Jason Momoa

    Reddit user Im_inappropriate wrote:

    I was dying to meet Jason Momoa and I finally got the chance to at an after party for a indie movie he was in. It was at a small venue in LA with some bands playing.Jason walked in and few people started talking to him; once they passed I bought a beer and approached him. I gave him the beer and asked how his night was. He was kinda drunk already from the look of it, but he pounded the beer without saying anything. I wasn’t too sure what to think so I got more to the point and asked if it would be cool to get a pic. He leaned into my face and said, “Tonight isn’t about that. Tonight is about me.” and walked away. Not even 5 minutes later he was taking pics with some other people across the venue and signing some autographs.

  2. Scottie Pippin

    Drbunson shared:

    Scottie pippin is hands down the biggest turd ever. I grew up in the suburbs he lived in and every time I saw him he was just such an asshole. He was a hero growing up and he ended up being complete garbage.

  3. Buzz Aldrin

    Shared by doucheydp:

    I met Buzz Aldrin working on a promo for Axe Body Spray when they did that Apollo “Go Into Space” contest thing.He was insanely nice… but listening to him talking to his assistants and the Axe people as well as the director of the promo between takes… he seemed a bit… disconnected from his words. I have no idea what his schedule was like or what else he was going on but… being the main audio guy I had a clear feed of everything he was saying… and it all just sounded mildly confused.

  4. Ryan Cabrera

    Written by CA_sjyk:

    I was a huge fan of Ryan Cabrera through college. His voice is mediocre at best, and his melodies are simple but catchy. Despite this, I really identified with his lyrics when going through a really bad breakup that spun me off into destructive behavior during the second half of college. Always came back to his music and it eventually got me out.Fast forward to 2016, and Ryan’s out on tour, I was able to see him perform live for the first time in my life and got the opportunity to meet him after the show. I had rehearsed what I was going to say about how his music kept me going through my darkest times…and he completely brushed me off to hit on my friends. Haven’t listened to his music since.

  5. Billy Corgan

    Shared by The_UnApologist:

    I met Billy Corgan once when he had his side band Zwan. He was a complete jerk to everyone and acted like he didn’t want to be there (HIS show.)It forever changed my perception of him.

  6. Drake and Josh

    2FastToYandle wrote:

    Went to the Kids Choice Award back in 2006 and I got to meet a few celebrities.Biggest Disappointment: Drake and Josh, those guys were f***ing assholes. Couldn’t be bothered to greet fans or sign autographs.

  7. Jon Bon Jovi

    Added by Megnanimous:

    Not my hero but my mom’s hero. Mom is in love with Jon Bon Jovi. She bumped into him (literally) in public a few years back and said “Oh, I’m so sorry.” before realizing who he even was and his response was “You should be.”Like, what man? An old lady bumps into you accidentally and that is your response??

  8. Michael Jordan

    SymbioticSimba shared:

    My grandma was a casino dealer and met Michael Jordon once and turns out he’s a total dick. She told me he was playing high limit tables and didn’t tip a dime to the cocktail waitress or the dealer (my grandma) or anyone else who served him. When someone who was playing with him asked him about it he said “no one helped me when I was coming up, so I don’t help others.” Or something to that effect.

  9. Bill Nye

    ChetUbetcha wrote:

    Bill Nye. He came to my university to check out the satellite program, and naturally everyone crowded around the demonstration area taking pictures. The whole time he kept telling us to put our phones away and live in the present (of his glory). Sorry bud, your glorious presence is temporary, but a picture is forever.

  10. Jonah Hill

    Another Reddit user shared:

    Used to work at comic con in San Diego.Was a huge Jonah hill fan at the time. Saw him come down the elevator in the back with his publicist and I held the door open for him. He didn’t even acknowledge me or say thank you and was bitching the whole time about the newest iPhone being a “piece of shit” (the newest one that wasn’t even released yet for the rest of us peasants).

  11. Dan Marino

    PowerNerd added:

    When I was young I used to go to the Miami Dolphins training camp. It was relatively easy to get down to the field. Several friends and I were standing near the entrance to the locker rooms. When Dan Marino jogged pay we wanted and yelled ‘hi Mr. Marino!’. We weren’t asking for autographs, weren’t expecting anything spectacular, but he sneered and told a group of kids ‘nope’ by his actions.Since then I knew he was a giant douchebag. It was verified to the world when he was fired from CBS. I still cheer for the dolphins, but I’m glad he never won a superbowl. Laces out Dan.

  12. Tyra Banks

    tazack shared:

    I valeted at a Four Seasons and Tyra Banks came and stayed for a week under a pseudo-name (that we were all briefed on). We’d fetch her car several times a day and she was not personable at all and worst yet, did not tip once. Not tipping says a lot about a person I think.

  13. Robert Downey Jr

    TwoHeadedBoyTwo wrote:

    My aunt sat next to Robert Downey jr in first class many years ago. This was during his mess phase before Iron Man when he was doing tv because he couldn’t get movies. Soon as she sat down he leaned over and said, “I bet you want my autograph.” She hasn’t seen any of his movies since then because she thinks he’s an arrogant dick. Which, to be fair, is now sort of his whole appeal.