15 People Share the Meals They Make When They Just Don’t Feel Like Cooking


We’ve all sat down on the couch after a long day, only to have the realization hit: What on Earth are you going to have for dinner? You’re exhausted and have no desire to cook—but takeout gets expensive, so you’re left with whatever’s in the pantry.

The good news: Dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. Or fancy. Heck, it doesn’t even need to require much effort. On the laziest of days, the most basic meal will do.

In a recent Reddit thread, folks shared the top meals they make when they just don’t feel like cooking. Keep these in your back pocket on days you feel the same way!

  1. Fried Rice

    “Rice in the rice cooker, a scrambled egg, maybe some vegetables or leftover meat.”

  2. Loaded Potatoes

    “Just grab a big potato, bake it (or nuke it for 10 minutes ), cut it open, butter it, stuff it full of cheese, diced onions, shredded sandwich meat, whatever other goodies you have on hand, sprinkle some herbs on it, nuke a little more to get it all melty, top with sour cream, and enjoy.”

  3. Naan Bread Pizza

    “One naan round with a spoon of sauce and a small handful of cheese. Chuck in the toaster oven for 5 minutes! So yummy and fast!”

  4. Meatballs and Gravy

    “Get some frozen meatballs, some premade gravy, cook it in the gravy for about 25 minutes, get some instant mash or rice (cook rice with chicken buillion because its super easy and tastes way better.) combine and boom. It tastes like basic salisbury steak.”

  5. Tuna Melt

    “We’d do tuna straight out of the can, lemon pepper, and whatever cheese we had handy. Grill it up and you had a cheap quick dinner!”

  6. Ramen

  7. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

    “I keep the Pacific brand soup on hand and pretty much always have cheese and a loaf of bread. Panera charges $15 for what costs me $3 and ten minutes to make at home!”

  8. Boxed Mac & Cheese

    “I call it my dirty little cheat. Fresh cracked black pepper on that and I can eat the whole box.”

  9. Frito Pie

    “Fritos, chili, cheese, and maybe onions/salsa/sour cream/jalapenos/whatever. So good for little effort.”

  10. Bangers and Mash

    “Sausages with mashed potato with onion and gravy. Slice kielbasa, bell peppers, onion, toss with olive oil and garlic salt. Throw on a sheet pan and into the oven at 425F until the onions soften, then broil for 7 minutes to char a few bits. Tip: Combine garlic, oregano and butter to your mashed potatoes for a good time.”

  11. Toast

    “Toast is entirely underrated. Whether you just put a little butter on it or fresh mozzarella with garden tomatoes, oil and vinegar; it’s good. Agree. Toast is great for when you can’t be bothered. There’s always something in your cupboard and/or fridge to add to it.”

  12. Pasta

    “With a lot of shredding Monterrey jack cheese, butter, and garlic salt.”

  13. Tortilla Pizza

    “Tortillas from the cupboard. Red pasta sauce from the cupboard. Shredded cheese and leftovers from the fridge. 450° until the edges brown and things are bubbling then brown the cheese s bit with the broiler. No real work and no mess.”

  14. Nachos

    “I always have tortilla chips in the pantry. Brown meats with seasoning and throw random things at it. Avocado, sour cream, chesses, tomato or lettuce if any.”

  15. Any Frozen Meal

    “I keep frozen stuff in the freezer for this. Enchiladas? Microwave. King ranch chicken? Microwave. Homemade tomato basil soup? Microwave.”

What’s your go-to meal for when you just don’t feel like cooking?