15 People Share the Meals They Had to Eat As a Kid That They’ll Never Be Able to Stomach Again

Black and white photo of family eating dinner.Babyology

There are some family recipes that get passed down for generations. Sometimes they are stored on recipe cards written by great-grandmothers. Sometimes they are only written in our memories and our hearts as we show the next generation how to prepare delicious food.

Then there are recipes that we wish we could wipe from our minds and our taste buds. They might even be recipes that everyone else in the family seemed to like. Were we weird for disliking some of the things that everyone else at the dinner table enjoyed eating? No.

Many people have shared examples of family meals they remember eating over and over again even though they greatly disliked what they were eating. Sometimes children don’t have a choice, but as adults, they have decided they will never ever eat those particular foods again.

Do you remember something that you had to eat when you were a child that you didn’t enjoy eating? Perhaps you’ll find it on the list below.

  1. Cabbage Rolls

    Facebook User Lynn Perrone wrote:

    Cabbage rolls! Everyone else in my family loved them except for me. My sister still makes them for my dad and he thinks they are great!

  2. Piggies in a Blanket

    Eli Smith wrote:

    Piggies in a blanket! But the sausage was wrapped in cabbage and it was in a tomato sauce! Makes me gag! After 36 years I finally told my mom it disgusted me!

  3. Chipped Beef and Gravy

    Candy Fones answered:

    Chipped beef and gravy also known as shit on a shingle. It always made me sick to my stomach and gave me a terrible headache. I was raised old school though and had to eat what was put on my plate. Yuck!

  4. Liver and Onions

    Carol Corah Bosworth shared:

    Liver & onions. The smell makes me gag to this day, and I can’t stand the thought of eating a filter for toxins.

  5. Tuna Noodle Casserole

    Grace Solik explained:

    Tuna noodle casserole. I used to sneak handfuls under the table to my dog. Poor baby.

  6. One of Dad’s Recipes

    Hazel Mattingly answered:

    Mum was a good cook and I loved most things but….. dad loved minced beef cooked in Heinz oxtail soup with all veg included and served in these large white china soup bowls. Haven’t eaten it for years but I can still taste it and my dislike is still the same. I would prefer to go hungry than eat it, and for me, that is unheard of.

  7. Salmon Patties

    Jodi Babb wrote:

    Salmon patties!! I remember helping mom pick out the little bones out of the can.

  8. Hash

    Connie Parks shared:

    Hash, mom was a great cook and we ate what she fixed mostly happily. However times were tough. She used to blend in a blender any leftover roast and potatoes together, then fry it. No amount of ketchup helped.

  9. Brussel Sprouts

    Carl N Jerri Dixon explained:

    Brussel sprouts..not a meal but threw them up on my plate when I was about 7..I’m 51 and have never eaten them again and gag when I see them

  10. Squash

    David Scharf added:

    Squash!!!! It got it’s name for a reason!!! Drive over it, don’t eat it!!! What a great meal as a 12 year old. Half of a 10 pound acorn squash for dinner. Still quite scarred.

  11. Oatmeal

    Anne McInnes shared:

    Oatmeal porridge. Had it for breakfast every day of my life till I was 16 when I left home. Have never eaten it since and I never will! Occasionally, my Dad forgot to put salt in the water. It was either eat it or go hungry.

  12. Tomato Soup

    Cheryl Salstrom wrote:

    Tomato soup with deviled egg sandwiches. I get the dry heaves just from the smell!

  13. “Capismach”

    Mary Lou Munes explained:

    My mom or dad would make a dish called Capismach boiled cabbge , potatoes, fried bacon, salt,and pepper mash potatoes and mix other ing. In. Ugh!!!! I ate it because I had to.

  14. Cube Steak

    Amanda Tays shared:

    Pan fried cube steak. My sisters loved it but I never cared for it. It was always difficult to cut and eat. I’d basically have to drown it in sweet chili sauce.

  15. Mac & Cheese

    Gina Marie Morrison added:

    Macaroni and cheese. Even the smell of it makes me run for the door.