McDonald’s And Dairy Queen Get Into A Sign War

Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Sometimes different brands get snarky with each other on social media, but sometimes the conversation gets even more fun when it goes offline.

A McDonald’s located in Marshfield, Missouri, posted a challenge to the town’s Dairy Queen. The message on the sign read, “Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war?”

DQ responded to the request by giving an excuse about why they don’t have time for a sign war. They wrote, “We WLD but we’re 2 busy makin’ ice-cream.”

McDonald’s took that response to mean that their challenge was accepted, so they changed their sign in response to DQ’s sign. The updated sign at McDonald’s read, “That’s cute. Our ice-cream makes itself.”

The sign war resulted in other businesses in town deciding to join in on the silly battle of wits. A realty office changed their sign to read, “Sign war? We’re just here for the show.”

A bank in town decided to go with a pun about the sign war. They wrote, “Just CHECKING in on the sign war…” Checking. Get it?

Meanwhile, DQ responded to McDonald’s updated sign about ice-cream by changing their sign to read, “You mean it actually works. Shocker.” This is a nod to the fact that it seems like McDonalds ice-cream machine breaks down a lot.

Businesses in town responded and went with the ice-cream theme.

Some businesses that didn’t even have traditional signs simply posted hand-written poster board signs in their windows.

The sign war was far from over. McDonald’s changed their sign to read, “What’s a milkman in pantyhose. A Dairy Queen.”

Dairy Queen responded with “Behave or we’ll flip u like our blizzards.”

More and more businesses in town joined in the sign war fun, and it seems far from over. Residents are loving it. One person wrote, “Our little home town is making big news on a sign war. I think it is great.”

Meanwhile, people are voting on who they think is winning the sign war, McDonald’s or Dairy Queen. One comment reads, “And the winner of the sign war goes to DQ, first runner up Arvest Bank.”

Another person commented, “I’m afraid DQ wins the Sign War!! Has my vote anyway.”

Who do you think is winning this sign war? Do you think more small towns will copy this sign war idea? What do you think is more entertaining, a sign war or when businesses rib each other on social media?