McDonald’s Customers Are Divided Over a Hotly Debated New Sandwich

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In case you didn’t already know, McDonald’s has different menu items in different countries. For example, in China you can order a Honey Chicken Rice Bowl, and in Thailand you can order a Coconut Sticky Rice Pie for dessert.

Just like McDonald’s introduces new menu items from time to time in the United States, they do the same thing in other countries as well. Sometimes these new additions to the menu are a huge success, but other times they are met with a lot of criticism.

Recently, McDonald’s launched three new menu items in Singapore: Ha! Chicken Drumlets, Pizza McShaker Fries, and a Chick ‘N’ Cheese sandwich. The drumlets looks like spicy chicken legs. The fries are topped with a seasoning that’s supposed to taste like pizza. The sandwich is getting the most attention.


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When we think of McDonald’s, we mainly think of hamburgers. Sure, they have chicken too and sometimes fish, and the most common sandwich we order involves beef.

If you’ve branched out from hamburgers and ordered the McChicken at McDonald’s, you already kind of know what to expect from their new sandwich. The new Chick ‘N’ Cheese sandwich includes a chicken patty that guests say tastes like a regular McChicken sandwich patty.

The cheese part of the Chick ‘N’ Cheese sandwich is where things get really interesting. There is actually a breaded cheese patty on the sandwich. To us, it looks kind of like a round mozzarella cheese stick, and that sound pretty delicious.

Besides the chicken patty and the cheese patty, the sandwich also contains lettuce, sweet tomato chili jam and a slice of cheddar cheese, you know, just in case there wasn’t enough cheese already.

McDonald’s fans have given the new sandwich mixed reviews. One comment reads, “Not worth it. I was extremely disappointed with the cheese.”

Another McDonald’s patron wrote, “The clown who dreamt this up needs to get fired.”

Not everyone hates the new sandwich though. One person wrote, “Eating it as I type” and followed up to say that it tasted good.

Another comment reads, “I must have!!!!!!!”

Unless you’re planning a trip to Singapore, you may never get to find out for yourself whether this sandwich is a hit or miss, but it certainly sounds interesting.

If the Chick ‘N’ Cheese sandwich were available at a McDonald’s near you, would you order it? Do you think this sandwich sounds horrible or amazing? What’s your favorite sandwich at McDonald’s? Did you know that McDonald’s had different menu items in different countries?