Customer Receives Letter from McDonald’s After Issuing Formal Complaint Over Chicken Nuggets

Miosotis Jade

Did you know that McDonald’s had spicy McNuggets? Well, they did, and now they don’t. The short-lived menu item debuted in September and was removed from the menu in October. We’re not exactly sure why the menu item is as least temporarily gone, but TikTok user @lebigmac might say it’s because they weren’t actually spicy.

After ordering spicy nuggets from the fast food chain, @lebigmac wrote a complaint about the nuggets to McDonald’s. In the complaint, he mentioned that the nuggets weren’t actually spicy. We’re not sure if he was given defective nuggets or if he was accidentally given regular nuggets. It’s also possible that the nuggets were spicy enough for some but just not spicy enough for his taste buds.

Whatever happened with the spicy nuggets, what we do know is that McDonald’s responded to @lebigmac’s complaint, and he must have been surprised. How do we know he was surprised? He filmed himself opening the letter from McDonald’s and posted it on TikTok to show what was inside the envelope.

Besides an apology from McDonald’s, there were also a couple coupons for free food. Like we mentioned earlier, spicy nuggets are no longer on the menu, so @lebigmac definitely won’t be able to give the menu item that disappointed him a second shot.

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Some TikTok users seemed surprised that @lebigmac would take the time to complain to McDonald’s about something as trivial as how spicy (or not) the nuggets were, but other TikTok users pointed out that companies like McDonald’s welcome feedback from customers.

One TikTok user wrote, “You guys will find any reason to complain.”

Another person asked, “What in the Karen is going on here?”


Other TikTok users mentioned times when they had a food item at McDonald’s that wasn’t up to their expectations, and they also received coupons for free food. For example, one person complained about no salt on the fries and got a free Big Mac meal.

According to another TikTok user, if you complain to McDonald’s about any food item, they will send you the exact same letter issuing an apology and include a couple coupons for free food. Apparently, it’s not a waste of time to give feedback.