Mayim Bialik Reveals How She Felt When She Walked Into the ‘Jeopardy!’ Writer’s Room for the First Time

Does watching a show like Jeopardy! ever make you feel kind of…well, stupid? Of course you are not stupid, but when there are literal geniuses on the popular game show who sometimes don’t even have to watch until the question is done being read to buzz in and answer it correctly…it can really make your mind spin and make you think otherwise!

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It happens to the best of us! Even celebrities have a hard time watching the show sometimes and not feeling down on their intelligence. In fact, when actress Mayim Bialik appeared on Kelly Clarkson talk show recently, the two bonded about their similar thoughts on the show.

“I have never felt more stupid than watching that show,” Clarkson said, where Bialik enthusiastically shouted, “Same!” right after, making the audience laugh. They were probably thinking the same thing, too!

“I literally am like, ‘God, if I get one, I feel solid,” Clarkson continued. We can all attest to that, can’t we? Seriously, how good does it feel when you get an answer right on the show?

The two continued to talk about the show and just how incredibly smart the contestants are on. “I don’t understand it,” said Bialik. “I mean, these people have knowledge that is so beautiful.” Bialik then shared her experience where she got to sit in the writer’s room for the show, and that gave her a whole new perspective on not feeling smart enough for, well, anything at all, really.

“If you wanna feel the stupidest, sit in the writer’s room,” she said. For the record, Bialik holds a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA and has guest hosted the show after original host Alex Trebek passed away. If someone like that could feel so foolish, then imagine what everyone else would feel like sitting there!

Bialik said she does, indeed, still enjoy guest hosting the show and that it’s an awesome experience for her, even if it does keep her very busy.

“It’s very fun,” said Bialik. “I mean, it’s very fast-paced. We film five episodes a day. There’s someone in my ear telling me things all day, which is its own kind of madness.”

Check out the interview in full, and try not to laugh at this dynamic duo!

How do you typically feel watching Jeopardy!? How many answers do you typically get right during one episode?