Mayim Bialik Opens Up About Harsh Criticism She’s Received While Hosting Jeopardy

ET Canada

When long-time Jeopardy host Alex Trebek passed away in 2020 after his battle with pancreatic cancer, fans of the game show were concerned that a new host could never fill the shoes and legacy Trebek left behind.

After many guest stars took their place in being interim hosts, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik and 2004 Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings shared the hosting duties during the 38th season of the show. However, that makes them easy targets for being compared all the time. And recently, Bialik spoke out about the criticism she’s received.

“Sometimes I get, ‘We don’t prefer you to Ken,’” Bialik told fellow actor Justin Long on a recent episode of her podcast, “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown.”

“Isn’t that wild,” Long said. “Well, it’s probably the only profession that I can think of, or maybe politicians, where people will tell you deeply insulting things but with a big smile.”

Bialik continued that people don’t hold back, and rarely bite their tongue—they just feel like they can tell her exactly what they’re thinking with no filter.

“[People will tell you] exactly how they feel,” Bialik said, adding a typical comment is something about her looks. “Like, ‘I saw you in a magazine. I was very confused. You looked pretty.’ I get that a lot,’” she said.

Bialik has also received a lot of comments regarding the clothes she wears on the show—people have claimed she had worn the same blazer on multiple episodes and that she dresses rather “nerdy.”

“Most men wear suits when they go there, so yeah,” she said. “The fact is we don’t live in a culture where I can wear a gray suit and then a blue suit, but maybe next year we’ll see. I don’t think anyone should think about it so much, especially me.

Really, Bialik isn’t all that into what she wears anyway, and thinks it should just be decided for her—why people care is beyond her!

“I’m one of these people who think red carpets should have a standard set of dresses for women so we don’t have so many,” she said. “You can do long sleeve or short sleeve — that’s it and everybody goes home.”

Bialik is actually a really intriguing person once you get to know her! You can learn more about her personality and all her quirks in this fun video below.

Did you continue watching Jeopardy after Trebek passed away? What did you think of Bialik as a host?