Matthew Perry’s Mystery Friend Reveals Lunch Date Details One Day Before Actor’s Death

PopularImages via Deposit Photos

On October 28, 2023, actor Matthew Perry played Pickleball, returned home, and sent his assistant out to run some errands. When his assistant returned, Perry was unresponsive in his hot tub. His assistant called 911, and he was later declared dead.

There has been some speculation around Perry’s death. While it appears to be a drowning at first glance, were there any other contributing factors? It may be months before the investigation into his death is complete, but so far, an autopsy has determined that he didn’t have meth or fentanyl in his body.

One day before his death, Perry met a woman at Hotel Bel-Air for lunch. Photos were taken of the pair, but until now, we didn’t know who she was. She has come forward revealing that she is Athenna Crosby, a 25-year-old actress, model, singer, TV host and entertainment journalist. She met Perry for lunch, and she was one of the last people who saw him alive.

In a message she shared to her Instagram Stories, Crosby wrote, “I wasn’t going to speak about this but what I will say is I had the honor of knowing Matthew personally.” She continued, “I am so devastated from his death but felt it was in poor taste to talk about it publicly as the attention should not be on me but rather on him and his legacy.”

Crosby described Perry as a “friend,” and she took the opportunity to squash any rumors about Perry and his state of mind. She explained, “I want to emphasize that Matthew was in extremely good spirits and talked to me enthusiastically about the things that he had coming up in his life. He was so happy and vibrant. Please refrain from any speculation surrounding his death and know that the man was on a comeback and truly deserved more time on this Earth. Our entertainment industry has truly lost a legend.”

As mentioned earlier, on the day of his death, Perry played pickleball before returning home. His pickleball coach described him as “in a really good place and a happy place.” He added, “Pickleball, I think, was an outlet for him. It was something that he became obsessed with and that was his new healthy addiction. He loved it.”