Matthew Perry’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Actor May Have Relapsed Days Before Death

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Ever since the news of actor Matthew Perry’s unexpected death in his own hot tub, there has been a lot of speculation about why he drowned. Was there another health issue? Was he on drugs?

Now, Perry’s ex-girlfriend, Kayti Edwards, is speculating that Perry might’ve relapsed prior to his death. Edwards and Perry began dating back in 2006, and she believes that there is a clue in one of his recent social media posts that he may have had a relapse and might’ve been high when he made the post. 

Edwards knew Perry pretty well and for quite a long time. Besides dating him, she also worked as his assistant in 2011, and she remained a close friend even after they were no longer linked romantically or professionally.

Edwards told The Sun, “There are a lot of things that aren’t adding up for me.” She added, “I don’t believe he just drowned in his Jacuzzi, that doesn’t sound right. I know Matthew and I know that he wouldn’t have just drowned.”

What does Edwards think happened? She points to drug use. She said, “I think he might have taken pills in the week leading up to this. They said there were no prescription painkillers at the scene, which doesn’t surprise me, because he didn’t leave drugs lying around. He was paranoid and would take them all, so there wasn’t any evidence, and then go out for more when he was ready to.”

Here are the reasons Edwards thinks Perry relapsed. First, he posted more than usual on social media, and second, in his final post, he referred to himself as “Mattman” which was an later ego inspired by his love for Batman.


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Edwards claimed that Perry never called himself Mattman when he was sober. She said, “Mattman would come out when he was not sober and he felt kind of invincible. I was around when he was getting high, although I was not getting high with him, and when I would say maybe he should cool it a little bit with the drugs, he would say, ‘No, I’m Mattman’.”

Besides social media, Edwards thinks that the fact that Perry was in his hot tub was another sign that he relapsed. She claims that he liked to be in water when he was high. She explained, “One time, his neighbour in Hollywood Hills found Matthew naked and high in his swimming pool. I had to go over there and get him out of his neighbour’s pool. He had a thing with water when he was doing drugs. He always wanted to be in the pool or the Jacuzzi.”

What’s the hardest for Edwards about Perry’s death is that she never got to say goodbye to her friend. She explained, “When I heard that he had passed, I was sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye. That’s what kills me the most, that I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

Watch the video below to learn more about why Edwards believes Perry may have relapsed before he died.