Target Is Currently Selling Matching Holiday Pajamas for the Whole Family

Image of matching holiday pajamas for the whole familyTarget

There are lots of ways to bond with your family during the holidays. The options are endless; you could play Secret Santa and leave special notes leading up to the big reveal. Or bake gingerbread cookies together. Or go caroling.

But one of the most fun and silly ways? To dress up in matching PJs! You know, just like all those Pinterest-perfect families dressed in the same adorably festive footie pajamas, opening presents together on Christmas morning. Now you can be just like them!

It’s all thanks to Target. The clothing retailer just rolled out the most adorable matching holiday pajamas perfect for your entire family—even your dog gets to be included!

There are 18 different patterns to choose from, and they’re all cuter than the next. You can get really festive with these amazing elf holiday PJs, or keep it classic by donning this festive red and black plaid. For the Harry Potter loving family, check out this wizarding world pattern. And if you want to get really want to get goofy? Pick up a few Rudolph-inspired sets.


We honestly can’t choose just one favorite; they’re all unique in their own ways. Just like families!

No matter which you choose, you can be sure that everyone in the fam will not only look amazing, but be comfy too. Each pair is made with the softest materials, and will make your Christmas morning more cozy than ever.

Besides being a great opportunity to all match on the morning of Christmas, but these are also perfect to all wear your next family Christmas card, or just to wear together to celebrate the holiday. Heck, they’re great to just sleep in all year round!

Check our Target’s matching holiday family collection here.

Which set from Target’s family collection of holiday pajamas is your favorite? Do you think you’ll be buying a matching pair for your family?