Married Couple Takes DNA Test and Discovers That They’re Actually First Cousins

lucidwaters via Deposit Photos

DNA kits have become more prevalent in recent times, and they’re great—they can tell you exactly the percentage of what heritages you are, which can be interesting if you never knew.

However, there’s one issue that’s been happening since DNA test kits became more popular: People were uncovering some deep, dark secrets about their families that they may have never understood previously. Whether it’s that you were adopted or you have siblings you didn’t know of, DNA kits can actually be a bit frightening for some.

Case in point: One man, who shared his DNA kit experience on a now viral post on Reddit. In his case, he found out a pretty crazy fact about his wife: “It literally says that my wife and my oldest son share a great grandparent,” he writes in the post.

So that means…yes. He and his wife are first cousins.

For some background, the two got married later in life after previous marriages. Each of them had three children each from their separate ex-spouses. They both came from the same small town, even went to high school together, and both of their families are well known in the area.

When his wife got the DNA test kit to learn more about her heritage, “it started making family connections which included my mother, my oldest son, my uncle etc.,” the man explained. “Wife’s mom comes in the room so they ask her how we could be related. Her mom starts crying and says that when she was very young she overheard someone say ‘Tom’ isn’t your father, ‘Jimmy’ is. Her mom being from older generation says she just put it out of her mind and convinced herself it’s just rumor.”

The man confirmed it with his mother, who also admitted that she had heard the rumor that her father could be his wife’s mother’s father as well, and that her dad (the man’s grandfather) was a well-known cheater/womanizer.

Say it with us: YIKES.

Shockingly, Redditors from all over shared their similar stories, or how they’ve heard of something like this happening to others. It’s crazy how common this kind of thing can be these days!

So is this couple going to stay together, even though they’re related? Yes!

“We’re very much in love and will be staying that way,” the man wrote. “Although we probably won’t be sharing this information with too many other people…guess we’ll keep in the family.”

He’s a jokester!

Have you ever heard of something like this happening? What’s your craziest DNA test kit story?