Resurfaced Video from 2004 Reveals How Mark Zuckerberg Used To Explain Facebook


Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time before social media. Depending on your age, perhaps it’s impossible to remember life before social media, but for those of us who didn’t have social media when we were teens, the memories are there. Life was different.

Now, for better or worse, so much is shared on social media. From happy things like birth announcements and vacation pictures. And then there are not so happy things like deaths and pregnancy loss. Through it all, there can be a feeling of connection, but there can also be a feeling of comparison and trying to maintain a perfect image. What’s on social media isn’t always real.

Pretend you don’t know anything about social media. Imagine being a time traveler from the past who lands in 2022. There are many things that would be surprising, and quite different than they were a few decades ago.

Depending how far in the past you as the time traveler are from, the idea of a computer or smart phone might be quite a lot to wrap your mind around. Let’s assume you didn’t travel from 100s of years ago. Let’s keep it more recent. Let’s go back almost 20 years to 2004.

Back in 2004, Facebook what not commonly known. In fact, it was just getting started. Do you know how Facebook got it’s start? Mark Zuckerberg created it for Harvard. At first, it was just something he created to use only at that school, but obviously, that’s not how it ended up.

A resurfaced video from 2004 shows Zuckerberg explaining what Facebook is. He talks about it as something that is used at universities. He explained, “When we first launched, we were hoping for maybe 400, 500 people.” He added, “And now we’re at 100,000 people.”

Back in 2004, Zuckerberg thought 100,000 people using Facebook was a lot. If he could only see the future.

Watch the video below to hear Zuckerberg describe Facebook and to see for yourself how different it was back then versus what it has become today.