Mara Wilson Shares Behind-the-Scene Secrets On the 25th Anniversary of Matilda’s Release

Entertainment Tonight via YouTue

If you’re a ‘90s kid, chances are you’re a big fan of the movie “Matilda.” Staring Mara Wilson, alongside Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman as her ruthless parents, the movie was full of wonder and magic, and some pretty hilarious moments.

The film tells the story of a girl who was born into a family that didn’t always appreciate her. She gains her independence incredibly early, and seems to be much more intelligent than her TV-dinner-eating parents who break the law to make their annual salary. At just six years old she was heading to the library by herself to read countless books and beg her parents to let her go to school.

When she finally does go to school, she meets her sweet teacher, her horrifying principal and countless friends along the way. That’s also when she discovers that she has the ability to make things move with her mind and explores her powers in the best possible way.

While the movie only did “okay” in the box office when it was released in 1996, it’s still an incredibly popular film to this day. In fact, most people associate the main character, Matilda, played by Wilson, to still be this little six-year-old girl, when in fact, in real life, she’s a 34-year-old adult! People still stop her on the street “at least once a week,” she says, to tell her how much they adored the movie as a kid and still to this day.

In honor of the film turning 25 years old this year, Wilson sat down with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima to talk about the film we all know and love.

The best part of the interview was how Wilson was able to reveal some of her favorite moments from filming. She also dished on some surprising behind-the-scenes secrets we never knew about, and really makes us look at the film in a whole new way!

For example, did you know that the chokey—the scary hole in the wall with smoke and nails Matilda and other students had to go if they acted up—actually smelled like rotten eggs in real life? Or the fact that Matilda isn’t actually dancing to “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Thurston Harris in the famous scene where she’s learning about her magical powers? Nope, it’s a totally different song.

You’re about to have your mind blown by some of these secrets. Check out her interview in the video below!

Did you know any of these things about Matilda? What’s your favorite part of the movie, and what’s the best fact you learned after watching this interview?