Man Runs Every Single Day for 9 Months and Documents His Incredible Weight Loss Journey

In January 2019, a British man named Billy Brendan decided that he wanted to challenge himself to run every single day, and he decided to share his journey with the world.. 

When he started the challenge, he weighed 238 pounds, and he was only able to handle running for 15 minutes at a time. He didn’t let this stop him.

While filming himself running shirtless on a treadmill, you can easily see Brendan losing weight over time. After running every day for 9 months, Brendan dropped a total of 55 pounds. By November 2019, he was down to 183 pounds! 

Watch the video below to see the transformation for yourself.

After running for 9 months without stopping, Brenden felt like his body needed a break.

“I realised that I needed to take a break from running every day. I was making myself unwell as I was trying to balance my full time job, several side projects, exercising every day and some personal issues.

For these reasons, I will be taking a break from running every day over the next two months (November/ December) to focus on my physical and mental health and to enjoy myself over Christmas and some holidays that I have planned. I will still keep up with other exercises and will try to maintain my weight but I really do need a rest.”

Many of Brendan’s followers are impressed by his weight loss and his determination to run every single day month after month. 

One comment reads, “It’s amazing to see how you changed over the past year, you can even see you look happier and more confident as each month goes by, keep it up!”

Another person wrote, “Good for you! You clearly have put in the effort and it shows. You look great.” 

His followers also feel that he definitely deserves a break.

One viewer wrote, “I’m more and more impressed by the progress you’ve been able to make as time goes on! Keep it up we are all rooting for you 😊 and also, you’re mental health comes first I’m glad you are treating yourself well.”

Another person commented, “Of course you’re burnt out from running every day man, that isn’t sustainable in the long run. You need to find what works for you and be honest with yourself as well. Don’t stop working out and use other things in life as an excuse to stop what progress you have made, find some new routine and try that.”

Does it surprise you that someone could lose so much weight by running every day?