Man Goes Viral for Photos He Shared After Someone Told Him to Post Pictures With ‘Filters’

Glenn Embrey via Facebook

We love a good sense of humor, and so do a lot of people. While sometimes a good joke is intentional, other times it happens by accident. Either way, it’s been a difficult year what with the pandemic and all, so we’re always up for a good laugh.

If you think life is tough working from home and kids learning remotely, just imagine trying to date during a pandemic. Sounds pretty hard, doesn’t it? Like, harder than usual. Sure, a new virus might help put things in perspective, make you hug your loved ones tighter and decide that it’s finally time to settle down, but how? How do you meat Mr and Mrs right when you’re not supposed to get closer than 6 feet from anyone who doesn’t live in your household?

Back in May 2020, a man named Glenn Embrey was given some advice about women. “Somebody said the ladies will find me a lot more attractive if I post pictures with filters.”

Ok. We all know what filters are in the digital age. You use them to make your photos look better. We use them a lot. Many people do. It’s very, very common.

Glenn knows this. He has to be in on the joke. He posted pictures on Facebook “with filters.” No, not filters to alter the picture itself. He posted pictures of himself holding an air filter, a coffee filter, an oil filter, the list goes on. There are 7 of these pictures. He wears the same shirt in every picture. He’s not even smiling.

Embrey wrote, “I have some doubts but what do I know, right? So here goes. Man my phones probably gonna really blow up.”

He had no idea. Obviously it was a joke that his phone was going to “blow up.” He probably expected a few friends to laugh, but he had no idea the post would go viral. It has racked up 47,000 reactions, 13,000 comments and it has been shared 135,000 times. Wow. Just wow.

One comment reads, “The facial expression is hilarious! Comedy gold!” We agree.

Another person commented, “As an automotive technician I heartily appreciate this one. Thanks for the laugh!”

Check out all 7 of Embrey’s photos with filters below.

Which photo was your favorite? Do you usually add filters to your photos? Do you think using filters makes it easier to find a date? Can you name all of the filters that Embrey used in his photos?