Man Kicks Friend Out of Car After He Makes A Nasty Comment To Passing Girls

didesign via Deposit Photos

Catcalling is not a form of flattery. Women find it offensive. It is really a form of harassment. Unfortunately, there are still men out there that don’t realize this or simply don’t care. One man decided to try to teach his friend a lesson.

One man shared on Reddit that he was driving his friends, who were all men, home from the gym after they worked out. As they drove, “We passed these two girls walking and one of my friends rolls down his window and says ‘I like how those t****** jiggle, how about you give the boys a flash.'” He seemed to think it wasn’t a big deal, but the man driving the car disagreed.

He wrote, “I instantly got angry when he said that. I pulled around the corner and told him to get out. He thought I was joking but I wasn’t and he started arguing.” He added, “He was saying it was just a joke and he was messing around everyone was on his side saying it wasn’t a big deal.”

First of all, catcalling is not a joke, and the driver of the car knew that. He didn’t let his friends change his mind. He insisted that his friend get out of the car. He explained, “At first he said he wasn’t getting out but then I said I was gunna snatch him out if he didn’t. He finally did with no type of physical encouragement. He lived the furthest but I made him walk the rest of the way.

After kicking his friend out of the car, his other friends still thought he was the one in the wrong. He wrote, “Everyone else was still mad at me.”

Later that day, after he got home, he called the friend he kicked out of the car to make sure he made it home safely. He also warned his friend never to talk like that around him again. He wrote, “He apologized but was still mad because he thought me making him walk was too far.”

The fact that all of his friends were mad at him but not at the friend who made the comment to the women made him wonder if he was wrong for making his friend walk home, so he asked Reddit. Overwhelmingly, everyone agreed that the catcalling friend was the jerk, and the driver was in the right.

One comment reads, “As a woman you are exposed to sexual harassment almost constantly. The first time it happened to me I was 12 I didn’t understand why grown men were looking at me like that. Men routinely make women feel unsafe just for existing. And often men support their friends who are making women feel unsafe. By calling out your friend’s problematic behavior you stood up for this woman and made it clear that that behavior was unacceptable. You are an ally and you should be proud of yourself for that.”

Another Reddit user applauded the man’s actions while also giving a suggestion. She wrote, “As a woman and mother, I salute you. Ask your friends how they’d feel if their behavior was recorded and posted to social media. Or as potential future fathers of daughters if someone said that to their daughter. I’m sure the response would be a lot stronger than just getting out of a car and walking home. Your were also a good friend to ensure your friend made it home. Maybe it’s time for new friends with higher standards. Thank you for being part of the solution to put a stop to such behavior.”

Other Reddit users agreed that the driver was in the right and thought he should’ve kicked the friends out of the car too. One person wrote, “I still worry about all his other friends who think it was totally okay for that guy to harass women. I just want to exist in the world as a normal human being without constantly being reduced to a sex object by random strangers on the street. It’s those kind of guys who make our life hell. It’s those friends who let them get away with it, play it off as a harmless joke or even feel encouraged to join in. These ‘friends’ are almost as bad, because they have the exact same mindset.”

How would you react if your friend catcalled women on the street from you car? Do you think the man driving the car did the right thing? Do you think the friend learned his lesson.