Man Arrested for Refusing Temperature Check at Disney World

Jaimie Michaels via Flickr

If you want to visit the happiest place on earth, you know, Walt Disney World, you’ll need to be prepared to follow their COVID-19 requirements. When the park reopened in July 2020 after being closed for 4 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they reopened with enhanced safety measures. For example, guests are required to wear face masks and have their temperatures checked.

If you have been to any theme park or event within in the past year, you have probably had your temperature checked before entering. It only takes a second, and it is one way businesses can try to prevent people who may be sick from entering and spreading germs.

Most people seem okay with the enhanced safety measures that are in place at Disney World. While some people may take their face masks off during rides, most guests are following the rules while they are there.

Ever wonder what would happen if someone didn’t follow the rules at Disney World? That person gets arrested.

On February 13, 2021, Kelly Sills was on vacation at Disney World. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana resident was staying at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. On the night of the 13th, for whatever reason, he chose to bypass the temperature screening checkpoint at Disney Springs. 

Don’t think that Disney security didn’t notice. In fact, they confronted Sills and told him that he needed to get his temperature checked. Bodycam footage shows the 47-year-old man claiming, “I spent $15,000 to come here.” Did he think that a price point meant that he didn’t need to follow the rules?

Watch the video below to see what happened when he refused to follow the rules.

If you’re planning a vacation to Disney World or any other amusement park or venue, be prepared to follow the rules. Many rules and procedures have changed due to COVID-19, so it can be a good idea to look up the new polices. If face masks and temperature checks are required, it’s best to play by the rules. Nobody wants to end up arrested on their vacation like Sills.

Have you ever had your temperature checked before entering an amusement park, venue, school or business? Does it surprise you that Disney World would arrest someone for refusing to get his temperature checked? Does it make you feel safer to visit a place like Disney World knowing they’re not messing around when they set safety procedures?