Mom Wants to Know If She’s a Jerk for Making Teenage Sons Wake Up By 10am on Weekends

monkeybusiness via Deposit Photos

Sleep. We often don’t get enough of it. Sometimes the idea of sleeping in sounds like a luxury, but is there such a thing as sleeping too much?

One mom with two teenage boys thinks they want to sleep way too long, so she made a rule. On weekends, they aren’t allowed to sleep past 10am. She thinks this is a reasonable request, but her brother thinks she should let her sons sleep as long as they want.

On Reddit, she wrote, “I have two children (16M, 14M) and have a non-negotiable rule in my household that they have to be up at 10:00 AM. The only exceptions for this rule is if they are sick or its their birthday. This leads to a lot of grumbling from my kids as I often times have to forcibly wake them up.”

Then she added her brother’s perspective. “He said that teenage boys will often sleep extremely late and me forcing them to get up early is preventing them from getting their proper amount of sleep.”

Now, she’s wondering if she’s being too strict. Should she let her boys sleep longer? She asked Reddit users to weigh in, and many people agreed with her brother that her teenage boys need their sleep. One comment reads, “It doesn’t seem like there is a point to this rule besides ‘because I said so’ which is a bad argument. I’d also recommend checking out some info on sleep. Teenagers tend to need more sleep than adults and are more likely to be night owls (which also makes them more likely to sleep in) Why not just let them get some dang sleep?”

Another Reddit user wrote, “If you’d like to understand more about the health impacts that this rule is likely causing for these teenagers, I recommend the book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. It’s really interesting, and very readable! Teenagers need to sleep later in the mornings. The time that is being taken away from them is not something they can ever get back.”

One Reddit user shared the perspective of someone who was forced to wake up early as a teenager. “My parents did this and I can’t tell you the rage I had as a kid because of it. Kids need their sleep. This idea that everyone has to wake up early everyday of their entire life is ridiculous. As long as they behave well and do well in school, let them sleep in.”

Do you think it’s reasonable for teenagers to wake up no later than 10am? Do you think the mom should drop the 10am rule if there is no real reason for her children to get up that early?