Mom Wants to Know If She’s the Jerk for Making Husband Take Over ‘Household Duties’ For a Day While She Plays Video Games

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One of the most important rules for cohabitating with someone is to divide household chores in a way that makes it feel like all members of the house are contributing equally.

However, we’ve seen the scenario time and time again: Wives complaining that they do everything around the house while the husband sits back and plays video games. Sure, it’s a little stereotypical, but it does happen often.

One mom of four who was fed up with her husband always playing video games decided that she had officially had it. How about SHE played Fortnite while hubby over there cleans the dishes, mops the floor, and does the laundry?

She did wonder, though. Did this make her a jerk? She turned to Reddit to ask the world’s opinion.

Allow her to explain some pertinent background info: “I am a stay at home mom while my husband works M-F, 9-5,” she explains. “His Saturdays are pretty relaxed, he hangs out with the kids, then goes out with the boys that night. Sunday is church and a family dinner. My weeks are the complete opposite. I don’t relax. I’m 100% overwhelmed and 150% stressed to the max.”

Hmm, something seems a little off here.

She proceeds to explain what a typical day in the life is for her: She wakes up around 5:30 in the morning, takes a shower and has her coffee in silence. I mean, how else will she stay sane all day?

The rest of her kids get up around 7:30 in which her day really begins. She’s then responsible for getting everyone fed—including her husband—entertaining the kids, helping them with school, cleaning up after them, doing the laundry, cooking dinner, running errands, oh and let’s not forget bedtime and bath time, too.

“I haven’t had a break since my 2-year-old was born.,” she said. “[My husband] told me I didn’t need a break, that it’s easy to do my job. I ended up screaming that the next day, he is tending to the house and kids and that I was locking myself in our room and playing video games all day.”

But that doesn’t mean she had an easy time doing that.

“True to my word, I refused to unlock the door Saturday or do anything,” the woman said. “My MIL called me pissed that I could do that to my family and that I was the a**hole for ignoring my family to play games.”

What do we think—who’s the jerk here?

General consensus: NOT the jerk.

“That was a baller move and I salute you,” someone wrote. “If your husband can’t acknowledge that being a stay at home mom during a pandemic is a tough job, then he can learn the hard way.”

“The general rule is, when your husband comes home, it’s a division of labor. He was working during the day as were you,” someone else said. “He picks up half the load when he is home.”

“Honestly if I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t be making him lunch after his comment about how ‘easy’ it is to do your job. That’s not advice, just would’ve been my reaction,” another person said.

Who do you think is the jerk in this situation? What would you do in this woman’s shoes?