Teacher Shares Clever Hack for Making Face Masks More Comfortable

Leaving the house in the year 2020? Make sure you have the essentials—phone, wallet, keys, and, oh yeah, your mask!

Masks have become just another everyday item that you have you bring with you everywhere. Chances are if you’re going to be out in public, your destination will require a face covering at some point.

That’s just all the more reason to ensure that you’re comfortable when wearing a mask. Let’s face it, having something cover up tour nose and mouth, the passages for proper breathing doesn’t exactly feel great. You might always feel like the fabric is sticking to your face or that you’re breathing in your mask, making it difficult to breathe, talk, etc.

When one teacher named Angie Madden was sick of feeling this way wearing her mask, she decided to search and see if she can find something to help. And right under her nose on Amazon was the elusive “face bracket.”

The item has only been selling in the midst of the pandemic, but with this teacher’s help, has gained quite a bit of popularity, for good reason. The little plastic piece is shaped like the outline of your mouth, nose, and chin so that it can adjust to fit over anyone’s face. Once you get used to it, you won’t feel it at all!

The face bracket goes under your mask to create a barrier between the fabric and your nose and mouth. Sure, it looks a little funky, but it functions beautifully to expand the are between the mask and your face, while still providing adequate coverage.

“You stick it on your face, and you put your mask on, and when you wear it keeps your mask off your face,” Madden explained as she demonstrated the face bracket in the video. “So you can hear me clearly, I’m not breathing my mask in, and my mask doesn’t move off my face. I wore it all day. I didn’t have any issues. It looks really weird but it’s amazing.”

Ah, the things you can find in 2020 on Amazon.

Besides being able to breathe better and ultimately providing a more comfortable mask-wearing experience, the mask also protects against makeup. Plus, it can be reused many times so you can easily pop it on and off between each outing.

You can order your very own face bracket here. At just $10.50, it’s completely worth it if you’re sick of not being able to breathe underneath a mask.

To see and hear Madden tout the face bracket herself, check out her video below.

What a cool invention! Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe when you wear a mask too long? Do you think this face bracket can help?