9 Makeup Tricks Women Over 30 Can Use to Look Younger

If you’ve already turned thirty, then you know you’ve hit a different level of confidence after that bridge is crossed. For women, we also hit a new level of sexy too, but we still pay attention to our skin.

It changes, and because of that, some of our makeup habits should too. With all the products available these days for each skin type, ladies have a shot at preserving the youthful glow in our faces. All it takes is a combo of the right makeup and right techniques.

Below are some makeup tips for us lovely gals who are over the age of thirty. With the right tools, you can give your pretty face a boost!

  1. Prime Your Eyes

    Putting shadow on your eyes without primer just magnifies fine lines and creases. Use an eye primer to smooth out those lines and to help keep your shadow in place.

  2. Choose the Right Mascara

    Were you aware that eyelashes are less thick as we age? Instead of following the same cakey mascara routine, use a lengthening mascara. Apply it by starting at the root of your lash and going to the tip. You will need to use a few coats to get the full effect.

  3. Get Some Yellow Tint

    Blending yellow-tinted concealer or foundation into your skin will give it a warm, glowing undertone. The golden hue will make your skin look picture-perfect while disguising flaws. Yellow can also be used for any skin color.

  4. Under-Eye Cream is Magical

    Apply some in the morning to get rid of puffy eyes and bags. Coffee versions are excellent at fighting inflammation and redness!

  5. Brush Your Cheekbones with Blush

    Run your blush brush from down the cheek and upwards towards your brow line in a back-and-forth motion. Coloring them higher on the cheekbone will make your face look fresher.

  6. Give Your Brows Some Attention

    Tweeze your brows for shaping only and then use a brow brush for a natural touch-up. Keep things light but full by filling in gaps with a brow pencil, using lightweight strokes. But, be careful to choose a color that is lighter than your brow so that the colors can blend together.

  7. Use Lighter Eyeliner

    We know black is the go-to, but champagne or brown eyeliner on the waterline of your eye will help to open up them more and give them definition.

  8. Ditch the Powder

    Powder tends to make the skin look dried out and, um, powdery. If it’s a must-have, use a silica powder as it’s not as visible and only apply it to areas where it’s severely needed.

  9. Go Nude

    On your lips! Lips thin out as we get older, but a natural-looking nude lipstick or other light shade that matches the natural tone of your lips can help them look fuller. Make sure to gloss them to keep them moisturized!


Be sure to keep your skin clean and moisturized, and drink plenty of water. Your diet and hygiene are a vital part of any beauty regimen.

Are there any makeup methods that you ditched to preserve your youthful skin? What do you think of these beauty tips? Do you have any of your own?