There’s a Hunk Hiding Under All That Hair, and It Took 1 Incredible Makeover to Bring Him Out

Any Oprah fans will remember a segment she did called, “Oprah, Makeover My Man!”, where men would be brought forward by their significant others to be made over by the one and only Oprah. Well, by her amazing stylist friend Tim Gunn, really. But when Heidi brings her boyfriend Josh onto the show, Tim and Oprah may have their hands full with what Josh describes as his “caveman look.” Wait until you see what he looks like post-makeover!

Heidi claims that when her and Josh met, he was a clean-shaven Army boy. But after being together for years, Josh kind of let his hair and facial hair go wild.

Literally, Oprah describes his look as “Biblical.” And she’s not exaggerating.

But when Tim and his team get their hands on Josh and his massive locks, they turn him from “caveman” to total hunk! You have to watch the video to believe how handsome Josh looks once they shed his bushy beard and long hair. Unbelievable.