Woman Feels “Old and Fat” Until She Gets a Makeover That Makes Her Feel 10 Years Younger

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: The majority of us don’t feel attractive at some point in our lives.

Whether it’s because of media expectations or just getting older, there’s probably been a time in your life that you’ve looked in the mirror and felt total disgust (even if that reflection on the other side wasn’t even remotely disgusting!).

If you’re not loving your look lately, it could be time for a makeover. A simple do-over of your current hair and makeup routine sounds small—but it can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Christopher Hopkins knows a thing or two about makeovers. After all, he’s not called the Makeover Guy® for nothing! A beauty expert, Chris spends his career making women feel beautiful again. By using hair and makeup techniques personal to their skin tone, look and feel, he never fails to bring out the true beauty of his clients.

Over time, we’ve seen countless women leave Christopher’s studio happy—from Heather, the divorcee, who wanted to feel sexier, or this grandma, whose grandkids didn’t even recognize her after how glam she looked once Chris was done with her. These women were beautiful before, but Chris knows just what to do to fully bring it out.

His newest client, Lisa, of South Dakota, is no exception. Lisa just really wasn’t feeling like herself lately. At 55 years old, she was just feeling old, and dare she even say a little on the chunky side, too. “I feel old. And fat. I just don’t feel good about myself,” she told Chris.

You see, Lisa has always had a young soul. And when she looks in the mirror and sees a 55-year-old looking back at her, it was hard for her to come to terms with it. “I feel still like I did when I was 25, so I look in the mirror and I wonder who this lady is,” She explained.

She knew there was a way for her to feel younger again, and just overall better. When she found Chris’ studio and saw how many women he’s helped, she knew it was the right move. “I wanna feel better. I wanna feel younger,” she said. “I’m getting older. I feel older. And I think starting with my hair, I can make a change.”

In a nutshell, she just wanted to feel better, and more like who she felt like on the inside—a young, hip star. “I just wanna look better, like the person I feel like I am,” she said.

Well, as always, Chris worked on her magic on her, and the results are absolutely stunning. In her “after” debut, it’s hard to even recognize Lisa!

“I feel 10 years younger at least,” she said once she saw her makeover. “I used to use mounds of mousse and never had hair this full!”

Don’t believe us? See for yourself just how amazing Lisa looks in the video below.

What do you think of Lisa’s makeover? Would you ever get your hair and makeup fully done over by someone like Christopher Hopkins—or know someone who could benefit from something like this? Check out his services here!