Woman Gets Transformative Makeover After Finishing Chemo


Nothing can make a person feel more refreshed and ready to take on the world than a makeover. Often, someone wants to get a makeover when he or she has reached a turning point in his or her life. For example, getting a makeover after a life-changing situation like getting a divorce might give a woman more self-confidence and make her feel ready for a fresh start. Another example would be a man who has never really been good about keeping his hair trimmed and decides he wants to look more professional.

Monica recently finished chemotherapy. That was her reason for wanting a well-deserved makeover. After a year with COVID and chemo, she was ready for a new look. Besides wanting the makeover to signal a fresh start, she told Christopher Hopkins, who is better known as The Makeover Guy, that she “wanted to be as pretty as my sisters.”

We don’t know what Monica’s sisters look like, but we’re pretty sure that they were impressed when they saw her after her transformative makeover. Monica seemed to think they would be impressed too.

Monica’s hair always used to be dark brown, but over the years, as it lost its color and went white, it actually turned a shade of blond. Monica was surprised by this change, but she liked it. Hopkins decided to keep the blond, but he got rid of the gold tones in her hair and modified the shade slightly. A slight change can make a huge difference!

Before Monica visited Hopkins for her makeover and video interview, she broke her tooth. Before the makeover, she was pretty self-conscious about the broken tooth and wished that it hadn’t happened, but after the makeover, she didn’t even care about her broken tooth anymore. She knew that she looked so fabulous that nobody would even notice her tooth.

Watch the video below to see The Makeover Guy’s amazing transformation on this well-deserving lady.

It’s amazing how a new hairstyle and makeup really can transform the way a person looks and feels. Monica is a great example of that. We wish we could see the expressions on her sisters’ faces when they see her new look.

Have you ever had a makeover?