Make New Soap From Old Soap for Free

Have you been saving those soap slivers and pieces that are left over? Do you have a bag of sample soaps from hotels and motels? How many bars of old soap do you have?

Get them all together, take off any paper or wraping and cut them into small chunks. Now put them into the food processor and chop them up. Put this into two freezer zip lock bags(one inside the other)add water or milk(a cup per pound). Close really well and drop them into a pot of boiling water. Cook in the bags until all soap has melted.

Every once in a while remove the bag and squeeze to mix the contents. while the soap is melting prepare a mold. Use a box(lined with plastic wrap) or a pie pan, a baking pan or anything that will hold your soap sprayed with Pam. When the soap is all melted you can open the bags and mix in some essential oil for scent and 1/2 cup oatmeaL THAT’S BEEM WHIRLED IN THE PROCESSOR TO MAKE IT PODERED if you want, now pour into your mold. Let it set until next day and pop it out of the mold and cut it into bars.

A pound make about 6 bars. Now how easy is that? It’s ready to use because it’s all ready been cured. Just make sure it’s good and dried. Ask all family members and friends for they’re old and saved soaps and make them some for a gift. This is called REBATCHING