Simple Things to Make Any Manicure Last for Weeks

When it comes to things that make you feel relaxed and pretty, you can’t do better than a fresh manicure look. So while we’re not ones to cry over a chipped nail, we do think a damaged mani ranks pretty high up there with small-but-super-frustrating problems.

Whether you go to a salon every week, perform your manicures at home or only paint your nails on special occasions, the goal is always the same: try to make it last as long as possible! Our friends at Howcast recently shared how they keep their fingertip art pretty for weeks— which got us thinking about the best tips and tricks we’ve ever heard for doing the same.

So rather than avoiding using your hands for hours after a manicure or sadly accepting a chip the next day, check out Howcast’s super-quick video tutorial below, and keep reading for some of our favorite ideas for long-lasting manicures.

  1. Make any polish a gel polish.

    When it doubt, shop it out! We all know that gel polishes last so much longer than regular polish, but don’t always want to shell out for getting a professional one or buying new polishes. This one product can turn any regular polish into a gel, and even revives old, goopy ones.

  2. Turn chips into opportunities.

    At the other end of the spectrum of manicure maintenance? Embracing chips and making them part of the look! Disguise them with an alternative French tip color, or add some glitter to cover it up.

  3. Make sure to use a base coat.

    Yes, when you want your manicure to last, the base coat is as key – if not more so! – than the top coat. Why? Because it helps your adhere to your nail while also protecting it, meaning it’s less likely to flake off or break.

  4. Apply lotion at the correct time.

    Massaging lotion and creams into your hands is one of the best parts of a manicure, but WHEN you apply it can make or break its lasting power. When NOT to apply it? Before applying polish, as it can over-saturate the nail and thereby make it difficult for the polish to stick.

    When CAN you safely use lotion? At the very end, after the polish has adhered and dried, when keeping your skin soft and hydrated will help the mani last.

As for Howcast’s method? Well, it’s SO simple, we think it barely counts as 2 steps. Check out how the nail stylists there keep their manicure fresh for weeks with this super-quick video below. It’s definitely the easiest way of all!

So what do you think of Howcast’s method? What about the other manicure tips and tricks we shared above? How do YOU make sure your manicure – or even your pedicure! – lasts once you leave the salon or the safety of your bathroom? Do you remove polish as soon as it chips, or do you rock a fading look? Share with us and your fellow readers in the comments!

P.S. Need even more ways to make your manicure last? Check out our comprehensive list of tricks here!