Maid Of Honor Gets Demoted Because She Refused To Go On A Diet


If you have ever gotten married, you know that planning a wedding can be stressful. There are a lot of decisions to make. It’s an important event, and many brides want to make sure it’s perfect, the wedding of their dreams.

Sometimes brides focus on perfection and their vision of a perfect wedding so much that they turn into bridezillas, making insane demands of their wedding party and sometimes even their guests. It can get pretty ugly, and some bridesmaids and guests even decide not to go to the wedding because of the bride’s behavior.

One maid of honor recently shared her experience on TikTok. In a series of posts, the drama unfolded as she shared texts she exchanged with the bride.

One of the bride’s cruel demands was to require her maid of honor to lose weight. When the maid of honor refused, she demoted her from maid of honor to bridesmaid. The now bridesmaid called her out on it via text stating, “You demoted me from maid of honor because I’m fat.”

The bride defended herself to the former maid of honor by writing, “Yes. Because you don’t have any control over yourself to go on a diet. I like people with discipline. You are still a bridesmaid.”

Being a bridesmaid wasn’t much better. The bride continued to make insane demands. For example, she insisted that the bridesmaids not wear white shoes.

In a third post, the bridesmaid shared that she was no longer a bridesmaid. Not only had she been cut from the wedding party by the bride, but she was also uninvited from the wedding. She shared, “I am not going to the wedding. I am not. I have cried all afternoon, I was so busy where it kind of looks like I’m dead. I am uninvited.” She added, “So I’m not going, I’m returning my bridesmaid dress on Monday, and that’s done, and I have been crying all afternoon, now I’m going to drink some Cava and watch ‘Murder She Wrote.’ I feel like death.”

Even before she was uninvited from the wedding, many people commented on her posts telling her things like “there is absolutely no justification to be treated like this” and “she just put you down and not give AF. Girl. Respect. Yourself.”

The former bridesmaid shared that she was trying to listen to the advice of the people who had commented on her posts. She shared, “First step, I guess, to respect myself. You guys said that I should respect myself and not let people treat me like trash. Trying here, I am trying. I’m doing my best.”