MacKenzie Scott Has Now Donated More Than 4 Times As Much Money As Her Ex Jeff Bezos

When you think of Amazon, you might think of a destination for online shopping. You might also think of Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder, but Amazon wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of Bezos’s ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott.

In the early days of Amazon, Scott helped Bezos get the company started. What it has become speaks for itself.

When Bezos and Scott got divorced in 2019, Scott walked away with 25% of Bezos’s stake in Amazon. She also signed a pledge called the Giving Pledge, where she promised to give away at least half of her wealth before she dies. She is well on her way to doing just that.

According to Forbes, Scott’s net worth is currently about $47.4 billion. In the past two years, she has given away over $8.61 billion. More than 780 different organizations have already benefited from her generosity. She is giving away her wealth more quickly than any other billionaire ever.

While Bezos is paying for trips to outer space, he is also giving away his wealth, but not nearly as quickly as his ex-wife. Currently, Bezos has given away approximately $2.1 billion. That’s throughout his entire life. That’s also less than a quarter the amount Scott has given away in just two years.

In January 2022, Scott announced via a post in Medium that she is not going to talk about how much she has donated and which organizations have received donations. Instead, “I want to let each of these incredible teams speak for themselves first if they choose to, with the hope that when they do, media focuses on their contributions instead of mine.”

One of the organizations that chose to speak up after receiving a very generous donation from Scott is Communities In Schools. This nonprofit, which works to help at-risk youth stay in school, received a very generous donation of $133.5 million. Watch the video below to hear Rey Saldaña, the President and CEO of Communities In Schools, share what this donation means for this organization.

Scott concluded her Medium post by stating that she believes “Each unique expression of generosity will have value far beyond what we can imagine or live to see.” She also shared how experiences of generosity during her and college days inspired her to be generous later in life.

Has anyone’s generosity in your life ever motivated you to be more generous? How much money do you think Scott will end up giving away? Does it surprise you that she doesn’t want to talk about which organizations are receiving her donations?