A Teacher Left a Note Inside Her Child’s Lunchbox That Made Her Furious

With organic living and specialized diets on the rise, it’s getting evident that our nation is becoming more and more interested in nutrition as a whole. And even though parents’ rules reign supreme, schools are starting to step in with strict food guidelines of their own. Take this Colorado preschool for instance; you won’t believe where they draw the line when it comes to sugar consumption!

Like all little ones, 4-year-old Aurora resident, Natalee Pearson, loves the occasional cookie. The bright, active girl is even treated to a small box of them by her mother from time to time. Nonetheless, one day the preschooler came home upset. In her lunchbox, her mother discovered a pointed letter from a teacher, along with a package of Oreos, which were left uneaten.

Natalie’s mother, Leeza, tells ABC 10 News in Denver that the letter made the claim that the cookies were not considered to be healthy enough to be consumed at school.

Wow! I think most adults remember eating quite a bit of sugar on their school playgrounds growing up. What a change!

In the interview, the girl’s mother tells the local news station that the school “took it over the top,” and that she considered Natalee’s lunch of a sandwich, cheese, and cookies as being “nutritious.”

In fact, she doesn’t feel that the school should have the authority to withhold any item from her child’s lunch. She explains, “They [the preschool] doesn’t provide lunch for my daughter; I provide lunch. It’s between me and the doctor.”

To give you a bit of context here, the Children’s Academy & Childcare Center Preschool is one of Aurora’s public pre-kindergartens, and abides by the standards of the rest of the schools in the Denver suburb. The school district gave a brief explanation saying that, following the incident, Natalee was given a healthier alternative to the Oreos.

Now, we all know that sugar isn’t great for little ones. After all, it’s well-documented that sugar can cause health troubles, including cavities, behavioral problems, obesity, and even diabetes. But, let’s face it, kids truly do have a love affair with sweet treats.

So, if you have children of your own who are a bit too used to their desserts, try to cut their sugar intake down—with some compromising, of course. David Geller, M.D. tells Parenting that “desserts and candy can be once-in-a-while treats. Once a week is a good goal.”

That sounds manageable!

To hear the director of the preschool’s explanation (or lack thereof!) for the stern note, be sure to watch Denver’s ABC 10 News’ video below. We have to admit that this sure is a polarizing issue!

What do you think of this contentious cookie incident? Do you provide your child with sweets at school, or do you like to stick to fruits and veggies? Do you think that Natalie’s mother has taken this issue too far, or do you agree with her tactic? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!