Don’t Put Mascara on Your Lower Lashes Until You Watch This! It’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier!

Applying mascara to your lower lashes can be tricky. Although the end result looks fantastic, getting that end result is easier said than done. Besides getting mascara all over your bottom lid, it’s difficult to get at your delicate lower lashes with a thick mascara wand and not leave clumps behind. Well struggle no more! Glamrs brings us this fantastic makeup hack that is so simple and so brilliant you’ll be asking yourself why you hadn’t thought to do this before! Watch the video below to see this clever little trick.

All you really need to get perfectly done lower lashes is a tissue, or some other fabric that can easily bend, like a handkerchief. If you use anything too stiff, it will push against your eye and make applying mascara very difficult.

Place your chosen fabric under your eye and move it along your lower lid as you apply the mascara.

Make sure there is no excessive mascara on the wand before turning it vertically and apply the mascara on your lower lashes in a downward fashion. The tissue also acts as a DIY lash curler, so make sure you’re coating the lashes downward so that they’ll curl around the tissue.

And just like that you have clean, evenly applied, plump lower lashes! Do you have any makeup hacks that make putting mascara on your lower lashes a breeze? Share them in the comments section.