Lori Loughlin Has Been Replaced On The Hallmark Channel, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

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Lori Loughlin was a guest star on the sit-com “Fuller House” on Netflix and a regular on the show “When Calls the Heart” on Hallmark Channel. She was also regularly cast in Hallmark Christmas movies.

Then there was the college admissions scandal. Loughlin ended up behind bars for 2 months. Netflix wrote her out of “Fuller House,” and she was cut from the “When Calls the Heart” cast as well.

Loughlin has long since served her prison sentence, but her career has yet to fully rebound. According to Hallmark Channel, she may never work for them again. Yet, that doesn’t mean that she won’t act again. In fact, fans’ ears perked up when they heard Loughlin would be returning to Hope Valley.

It turns out that the news was initially misunderstood by fans. On GAC Family, a competitor of Hallmark Channel, there is a spinoff show of “When Calls the Heart” called “When Hope Calls.” The first season of the show aired on Hallmark Channel’s streaming service, but season 2 aired on GAC Family. Hallmark Channel has not hired Loughlin back.

Loughlin’s return to Hope Valley involved her character, Abigail, visiting a neighboring town called Brookfield in season 2 of “When Hope Calls.”

Although Hallmark Channel currently has no plans to work with Loughlin, that doesn’t mean that everyone who works on “When Calls the Heart” agrees with the decision to keep her off the show. In fact, the show’s creator, Brian Bird, seems to wish her character would come back to the show. He made this clear via a comment on Twitter.

A fan of Loughlin’s expressed the wish that Loughlin would come back to “When Calls the Heart,” and Bird commented on the tweet, “Amen, brother. From your lips to God’s ears.”

Bird isn’t the only one who wishes Hallmark Channel would hire Loughlin again. Erin Krakow told Good Housekeeping that she “would be so happy to see her back in Hope Valley sooner than later.” She also called Loughlin her “forever friend.”

While Loughlin isn’t returning to Hallmark Channel anytime soon, Hallmark Channel is still releasing new Christmas movies with familiar faces. One of those faces belongs to Alison Sweeney. Watch the video below to hear about a Hallmark Christmas movie staring Sweeney called “Good Morning Christmas.”

Do you think Loughlin will ever return to Hallmark Channel? Do you watch “When Calls the Heart” or “When Hope Calls”? Do you think Loughlin’s career will be able to make a full recovery after the college admissions scandal?