Wait Until You See This Woman’s Incredible Hair Transformation!

Chopping off super long locks can be a daunting process! As a matter of fact, the subject of today’s video waited a long eight years before she decided to take the plunge. But as she was in the process of making the big decision, her hair grew and grew and grew—until it was all the way down to her knees!

That’s right, this self-professed Cousin It look-alike had hair that was so long that she needed to enlist the help of someone who really knew what he was doing—and that man was none other than the Makeover Guy.

At the top of the clip, we see that the Makeover Guy can’t help but play around with Nancy’s incredibly long locks for a bit. We gotta say that we don’t blame him—she’s got hair that’s so lengthy, it would make Rapunzel jealous!

To get started, the stylist secures Nancy’s long locks into a low ponytail and performs the first big chop. At this point, we are super nervous for everyone involved—what if she freaks out?! Luckily, the cool-headed makeoveree takes the snip in stride, even going so far as to hold up her severed pony tail in a mock victory stance.

After her initial cut is complete, Nancy readies herself for the color portion of her makeover. The colorist explains that both she and her team decided that a strawberry blonde color would look best on their peppy client.

While Nancy waits for her color to settle, she gets some incredibly valuable information on how to dress for her body type. The woman who is schooling her on all of the tips and tricks for creating a flattering wardrobe is none other than the Makeover Guy’s own mother, Joann. We can definitely see who he gets his snappy style from!

We have to say that our absolute favorite piece of wisdom that she imparts on Nancy is this: “The more sequins you wear, the more fun you have!” We TOTALLY agree, Joann; the more sequins, the better!

After her “Clothing 101” session, the salon’s makeup artist, Tammy, gets started on Nancy’s face. She reveals that she has decided to accentuate the beautiful gal’s shining baby blues. We think it’s definitely a good call—her new strawberry mop sure does make those eyes pop!

The Makeover Guy wraps up Nancy’s entire transformation with some style tips that she can use at home. He tells his client that she can keep the shape of her layers by doing a bit of backcombing near her roots. This gives her some seriously envious sky-high volume.

Though it’s hard to be down on Nancy’s original lengthy locks, we do have to say that she looks SO much more polished when the makeover is through. To witness the inspiring transformation for yourself, be sure to click on the video below.

What do you think of Nancy’s dramatic makeover? Do you have hair as long as hers? What are your wardrobe rules of thumb? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!