Chicken Wing Run Leads to Long Hair Chop

Long hair on a guy can be cool and attractive, and many pull it off well. Going for the rocker look can lock it in with the ladies, and so can the hippie vibe too, but it’s a commitment that not everyone wants for a lifetime.

It can be especially hard when that’s pretty much what your signature style has been for a long, long time. Joe, a guest on the Rachael Ray Show, went through a rebellious phase that had him growing his hair out against his parents’ wishes. He kept the long hair party going for five years and even had a beard to match.

By long hair party we don’t mean one of the quintessential business up front, party in the back variety.  Joe has at least been on trend with his mane, with an even growth pattern fit for top knots, side sweeps, and assorted man buns. But on this day, Joe was hand plucked for a makeover.

Stylist Kyan Douglas happened upon the 22-year-old waiter while grabbing some chicken wings at a NYC restaurant. When he offered to do a makeover on Joe, guess how he was wearing his hair that day at work? Yep, a man bun – the world’s often derided hip hairdo with adoring fans and vocal detractors. The show’s blog shared this from Kyan:

“We had done a show here about man buns, and after the show I went out on the street and every other guy I saw had a man bun. So I go in [to eat] and the waiter had a man bun, too! It was like some weird man-bun karma.”

Joe’s skipped barbershop trips resulted in long locks past his shoulders, rivaling those of his cute girlfriend, Angie. Judging by her comments, we’re not sure she’d be ready for Joe’s new appearance. Now, be warned, his flowing tresses might make some of you jealous. It seems like he has the whole “I woke up like this” thing down. But at least he was ready for a transformation.

In this video, Joe gets a change-up that had his lady in tears at first snip, as she has never even seen him without long hair. Would she be able to recognize him? And what about the scruffy beard? What a surprise we’d all be in store for! Take a look at the clip below to see Joe’s makeover reveal and Angie’s reaction. Luckily, everyone was all smiles!

The rugged man bun went out the door and in came an edgier look. Not every dude can work the long hair trend that’s been sweeping the scene over the past couple of years, and the look has inspired many haters as well as blog posts. Though Joe did decide to make the big chop, his intentions for his ponytail are noble: he’s donating it to charity.

Are you a fan of long hair on guys? What do you think of Joe’s new look? Could you picture someone you know getting a makeover like Joe’s? Let us know in the comments!