“Long-Duration” Winter Storm on the Way for Midwest and Northeast

After a slow start to the season, Mother Nature is now unleashing winter weather with a vengeance.

A large snowstorm is being forecasted for parts of the Midwest and Northeast regions early next week. This weather event comes less than two weeks after the Midwest experienced record amounts of snowfall.

Meteorologists are predicting a secondary snowstorm that could result in a nor’easter. This would mean the possibility of heavy snow for the mid-Atlantic, New England, and parts of the central Appalachians.

According to AccuWeather Chief Broadcast Meteorologist Bernie Rayno, the time has come for people to “buckle up” for harsh winter weather. Rayno says residents of Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. are in for an especially heavy dose of the white stuff. 

The Midwest saw 6-12 inches this week, and they’re about to be in for a second dose of snow. After this week’s storm, Des Moines, Iowa is far ahead of its typical totals for this point in the year. The city usually averages 7.3 inches as of the end of January and is already at 20 inches for the season.

Nebraska was hit especially hard during this past storm. The eastern part of the state saw a massive 12-18 inch snowfall, though the area is expected to escape the brunt of the upcoming storm with just a few inches.

The upcoming snowstorm has the potential to bring heavier snow to the Ohio Valley states and further east. As the storm makes its way through the Northeast, there’s a likelihood it will develop a strong “second wind”, according to AccuWeather’s forecast team.

The team says this storm may evolve into a long-lasting nor’easter near the Atlantic coast. Some areas could experience heavy accumulation with wind gusts and blizzard conditions for multiple hours.

“We are confident that a strong secondary storm will form and affect the Northeast this time around,” Rayno said. “But the exact track and speed of strengthening of that storm will determine where the heaviest swath of snow ends up in relation to the coast and areas well inland.”

The duration of the storm is predicted to impact snowfall amounts. Most winter storms last somewhere in the area of 8-12 hours, but this winter weather event could last between two and three days in certain spots.

In the central Appalachians, people can expect snow to start late Sunday evening into Monday morning, with a wintry mix lasting into Tuesday. Those in the mid-Atlantic will likely see a similar timetable, whereas the Northeast will experience impacts of the storm from Monday to Wednesday.

In the event of mixed precipitation, AccuWeather meteorologists expect New York City and Boston will get snowfall in the range of 6-12 inches, with larger accumulations if no mixing occurs. Unlike the storm that hit the East Coast in December, the snow from this storm will likely be drier and more powdery in nature.

Do you live in an area that will be impacted by this weather event? If so, how are you preparing? Let us know in the comments!