Michelle Obama’s Makeup Artist Shares Helpful Trick for Keeping Lipstick Off of the Inside of Your Mask

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Wearing a face mask when we go somewhere is now a way of life. We went from not owning any face masks a year ago to having a variety available and selecting a mask that coordinates with what we’re wearing. After all, our face mask is now what people see instead of our smile.

Even though we wear a face mask in public places, we still do our makeup. Sometimes we wonder why we even bother. Maybe it’s force of habit. Maybe it’s because we know that sooner or later we’ll be taking the face mask off, and we want to know that we look polished.

Obviously eye makeup would be more important than ever when you’re wearing a face mask, but lipstick can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. First of all, nobody is going to even see it when the mask is on. Second, the lipstick often comes off on the inside of the face mask. That means our lips no longer look perfect, and our face mask is stained.

Sure, the easy solution could be to stop wearing lipstick, but if that’s not the answer you’re looking for, we have a better one. There is a way to wear your favorite satin lipstick without it getting all over the inside of your face mask.

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s makeup artist shared a simple step-by-step process for getting satin lipstick to stay on your lips and off your face mask. He posted pictures of each step on Instagram and included a detailed description that is definitely more complicated than just putting on lipstick and heading out the door, but it’s worth the extra effort to give that lipstick staying power.

The first step is exfoliating your lips and moisturizing your lips. Then, apply a lip primer or concealer. Next, get out lip liner and put it all over your lips. Finally, it’s time to put on your favorite lipstick. Afterwards, you’ll want to blot and repeat as necessary.

The last step involves putting a piece of tissue paper over your lips and dusting them with translucent power. Now, your lip color will stay on your lips and off your mask. When it’s time to remove your lipstick, you can use your favorite moisturizing makeup remover.


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Are you going to try this makeup hack? Do you usually wear lipstick under your face mask?