Life-Threatening ‘Polar Vortex’ Will Bring Dangerous Cold to Much of the U.S. This Week

Old Man Winter is not playing around this year. A polar vortex is sweeping the U.S., bringing dangerously frigid temperatures to certain parts of the country.

Weather experts are warning people that the cold can cause hypothermia, frozen and burst pipes, and frostbite if we’re not careful. The brunt of the cold will be felt in the Midwest and northern parts of the U.S., including Minnesota, upstate New York, the Dakotas, and Illinois.

Meteorologists say that some regions will experience below zero temps and that these conditions are life-threatening for animals and people. Other areas will see single digit temperatures throughout the week. Keep in mind that the wind chill factor will make it feel even colder than the thermometer reading.

Bring your animals indoors and if you must go out, layer your gear and make sure no skin is exposed. Your vehicle should also be equipped with an emergency kit for winter weather, stocked with blankets, a flash light, and other supplies in the event of a breakdown.

With this amount of cold, experts state that frostbite and hypothermia can set it in within an extremely short time frame. Two deaths have been reported so far from this cold snap, and flights are being cancelled or delayed.

Keep an eye out for the latest weather reports, as well as your neighbors or family members who may have issues with heat or pets. To learn more about the polar vortex, click on this video from AccuWeather!


Do you live in one of the affected areas? How are you handling things in your household? Have you ever been through a cold snap like this one before?