Bizarre Nail Trend Has Us Scratching Our Heads

We love a good manicure, don’t get us wrong. It’s one of our favorite ways to relax. But lately, it’s not really all that relaxing. Have you noticed how many different options and varieties there are to choose from? Every time I’m in a nail salon, I can’t help but get overwhelmed.

It’s just so much decision making! Do I want a regular manicure or gel? Powder or dip? Do you want any designs or rhinestones glued on? What shape would I like them?

There are just way too many nail choices out there. And to be honest, some of them are quite bizarre. In fact, there’s a new type of design that we think is the craziest of them all. Trust us, we’ve seen a lot of ridiculous nail trends, but this one is hard to beat. Ready?

A nail chain in Russia recently posted a video to their Instagram @nail_sunny that showed nails in the shape and design of colored pencils.

That’s right, the colorful pencils you used in grade school to add some pizazz to your drawings. Now you can literally transform your fingertips into the pencils, and we’re a little…confused.

The video showed a hyper-lapse of the process to get these colored pencil nails to get where they are, and honestly, a whole lot goes into it!

To get this look, each nail must first be sculpted with acrylic nails to give it a long length, like that of a colored pencil. The nail technician then shapes each nail to create the “tip” of the colored pencil.

They start panting the nails like normal, in solid primary and secondary colors for the base, and then they add darker and lighter shades of color to create dimension. This is what starts to make it really resemble the look of a colored pencil. They then brush on a light tan polish to make it look like the wooden tip of the pencil.

To finish off these works of art (literally), a nail technician actually carves an actual colored pencil with a knife to get the colored piece out of it, and then adds it to the tips of each nail. So yes, if you’re wondering—people with this nail design can actually use their nails as colored pencils. They work just like them, because they basically are them.

While bizarre, we have to give credit where credit is due—this looks like it takes a lot of effort, and not an easy task at all. We think it would be an awesome nail deign for a Halloween costume, or even good for a Kindergarten teacher on the first day of school. For every day nail ware, well, we’ll pass, but we still respect the hard work that goes into them.

To check out the video and creator of this look, head to @nail_sunny’s Instagram page.

What do you think of this bizarre nail trend? Would you ever want to get this look? What’s your favorite type of manicure?