Landlord Decreases Tenants’ Rent to $100 and Encourages Them to Spend Their ‘Windfall’ Within the Community

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things we used to take for granted, like schools being open, shaking hands with people we meet and going to work. 

Many types of businesses have temporarily closed. Some employees are able to continue working remotely from their homes, but depending on the type of business and job, this isn’t always possible. Many people have had their hours cut back or have been laid off.

We love highlighting good deeds we learn about, and during this pandemic, we all need good news more than ever. One example we recently learned about was a landlord who decided not to charge his tenants any rent during the coronavirus pandemic. He shared his story in hopes that other landlords would copy his idea.

A landlord in Milwaukee has decided to do something very similar. He’s not completely letting his tenants skip paying rent in April, but he’s only asking for $100, a huge discount. He hopes that this gesture will help any of his tenants who are experiencing financial difficulties right now, and he also helps that those who are still working will use their extra money to support local businesses in the community.

Watch the video below to hear landlord John Zutz explain more about why he decided to significantly reduce rent for the month of April, and hear the reaction from one of his tenants.

Zutz delivered a letter to each of his tenants explaining why he was reducing their rent. Here is an excerpt:

“If you are struggling financially this will give you some relief. If, however, you have the means, I suggest you use this windfall to buy food or services in Riverwest. Get a carry-out meal from one of our great restaurants (and leave a nice tip). Spend a few bucks at the hardware store. Get groceries, if you can…Our economy only works if that cash is circulating.”

Do you think more landlords should follow Zutz’s example and reduce rent for the month of April? What would you do with the extra money if your rent payment in April was only $100?