Lady Gaga’s Long-Awaited Beauty Line is Set to Hit Stores Sooner Than We Thought

What do you think of when you think of Lady Gaga? Incredible talent? Bradley Cooper? A favorite song?

Lady Gaga is certainly a triple threat. We’re talking a Grammy winner, a Golden Globe winner and an Academy Award winner.  However, Gaga is known for more than just her amazing talent. She has had some over-the-top costumes throughout her career, and along with the costumes comes pretty incredible hair and makeup.

If you like to play with your makeup, and if you’d love to know what makeup Gaga uses, it may soon be easier than ever to answer that question.

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga is launching her own beauty line. That’s enough to make us gasp with excitement and want to know details like when, what’s it called, and where can I buy it.

The beauty line will reportedly be called Haus Beauty, and Gaga also plans to reveal the new products in May. Yes, that’s this month! If you want to be among the first to snag her new products, book your plane tickets to Las Vegas now.

The initial Haus Beauty launch will be at a pop-up store just outside the Park Theater at the MGM Grand. The Park Theater is where Lady Gaga recently held a residency. The pop-up store will be where fans would usually be able to buy merchandise for headline acts.

Even though it seems that Haus Beauty will be unveiled soon, it’s still pretty under wraps. There is a website set up where you can enter your email address for updates, but other than that, the website doesn’t have any content.

If you want to make sure you’re in the know on the latest updates, it’d probably be a good idea to sign up for email updates on the website,

While we don’t know exactly when the new pop-up store will launch, we do know that Lady Gaga will be performing again at the Park Theater starting on May 30. Perhaps her beauty line launch will coincide with her next show?

We’re eagerly looking forward to checking out her new line, and we have to ask, is there anything Lady Gaga can’t do? We’re not sure. After all, this is not the first time the star has dabbled in beauty products. She has already released fragrances and even collaborated with MAC Cosmetics, but this new line seems to be hers and hers alone, not a collaboration. 

Are you excited to learn more about Haus Beauty?