Kristen Stewart Unrecognizable in “Spencer”


2020 was a tough year for a myriad of reasons. Globally, we faced issues that were heavy and serious, life and death, world-shattering and revolutionary. Maybe that’s why some of our pettier, more superficial complaints felt equally catastrophic. I am, of course, whining about the lack of movies to consume last year and the looming threat of a similar 2021. I know I’m not alone in this, because I’m part of a group chat about this very issue. We’re huddled together in this digital world of new movie details, release dates, announcements on postponements, and suggestions for ways we can handle the movie drought. 


Obviously, when I found that we had new information about Pablo Larrain’s upcoming SpencerI flipped my entire lid and blew up the group chat. As a completely unapologetic KStew stan, I was so excited to see this “first look” of Stewart portraying Diana, Princess of Wales. My first reaction was just, “Okay, thanks for reminding me what Diana looked like; show me KStew now.” But wait a minute. That is KStew. I, for one, am totally blown away by this photo. I mean, I love Kstew, I’ve been following her career since Catch That Kid, and I didn’t even recognize her!


Just check out the absolutely on-point quintessential Diana Side-Eye comparison:


To me, this bodes extremely well for the performance she’s going to give as this iconic woman. Aside from being really, really excited about a new movie with a fall 2021 release planned, I’m also ecstatic that it’s going to be a good film, featuring one incredible, powerful, beautiful woman starring as another incredible, powerful, beautiful woman.

Are there any 2021 movies you’re looking forward to? Is this one of them? If so, what do you think of the “first look”? Let us know!