Kristen Bell Posts New Selfie With A Very Natural Look And Writes “I am INTO IT”

Usually when we see celebrities on camera, we see them with their hair and makeup done and their wardrobe carefully selected by a stylist. Even their candid photos often look overly perfect and intentional. It is rare to see celebrities actually be “real.”

Thanks to social media, many celebrities have given us a glimpse at their “normal” lives, and not everything looks perfect all the time. For example, many people were left wondering what Gwenyth Paltrow was thinking with those strange rugs on her dining room floor.

Now, Kristen Bell, who is known for being very honest, real and down-to-earth, has given us a glimpse at what she looks like after a day at work. In an Instagram post, the actress shared that she is wearing a wig for her current acting job, and her hair is braided all day under the wig. 

Bell shared a photo of what her hair looks like after she gets home and takes out the braids. She emphasized, “I am INTO IT!” Bell, who usually has straight hair, asked if she should consider getting a perm.


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In the comments, one follower told Bell that she knows exactly how she feels. “I have always had straight hair and at 3 months ago I cut off several inches (your length in this pic) and discovered it was wavy! A little curlier then this pic! It has been fun to look like a whole new person!”

Another follower told Bell that she doesn’t need a perm to keep this look going. “Okay! What you’re witnessing is a braid out hunni. You do not need a perm. Just some leave in conditioner and some more braids.”

Yet another follower pointed out that this is a look from the 1980s, and it’s super easy to achieve. “This was a style in the 80’s. I would braid my wet hair and take the braids out when it dried. Instant wavy hair.”

Several other followers have advised Bell that she should skip the perm and get a crimper. One comment reads, “Love it !! Get a crimper gurl !! Easy peasy.”

Do you like this wavy look on Bell? Do you think she should get a perm, a crimper or simply braid her hair while it’s wet? Are you going to try copying this style? If Bell makes this her new look, chances are it will be a new trend.