Kristen Bell Apologizes to Fan for the Family Awkwardness Her Raunchy Sex Scene Caused

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Many of the characters Kristen Bell has portrayed during her acting career have been pretty family friendly. For example, in the series “Veronica Mars,” Bell was playing a teenager who solved mysteries. More recently, she is the voice of Anna in the “Frozen” movies.

Just because some of Bell’s characters are PG doesn’t mean she can’t and won’t play a character that would be inappropriate to watch around kids. In fact, if you’re an adult, you might even find her latest character uncomfortable to watch around other adults in your family, like your parents, that is, unless you’re completely comfortable watching raunchy sex scenes with your parents.

One Twitter user named Eric sat down with his mom and his girlfriend to watch the Netflix series “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.” The series is a parody of thrillers and true crime shows.

While Eric was probably expecting some twists and turns in the show’s plot, because it is supposed to leave you guessing, he was not expecting the twists and turns that happened that particular night. He was watching episode 6, and at the end, there is a very graphic sex scene involving Bell.

Eric felt pretty uncomfortable watching Bell’s raunchy sex scene with his mom and girlfriend. Talk about awkward! And he did. Actually, he tweeted about it. That’s when the next twist and turn happened that he wasn’t expecting. Bell liked and responded to his tweet.

Watch the video below to hear what Eric tweeted and what Bell wrote in response.

Eric definitely was not expecting his awkward family moment to get Bell’s attention. In fact, he responded to another Twitter user writing, “i was genuinely so surprised that she actually saw it and responded.” 

Eric isn’t the only viewer who was caught off guard by the sex scene. Another Twitter user shared, “Watched with my kids  wasn’t expecting that and my @netflix fast forward has an uncomfortable delay.” Fair warning: it’s probably not a good idea to watch this show with your kids…or your parents.

Some Twitter users felt that the sex scene was too much regardless of who you were watching it with, but others stood up for the reasoning behind it explaining that since it’s a parody it’s intentionally over the top.

Have you watched “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window”?

[Kristen Bell FB photo credit: Deposit Photos]