Kourtney Kardashian Announces Pregnancy At Blink-182 Show, Shows Off Baby Bump


On June 17, 2023, Kourtney Kardashian shared the news with the world that she is pregnant. During a Blink-182 concert, she held up a white sign with the handwritten words “Travis I’m Pregnant” written on it. The message was for the band’s drummer and her husband, Travis Barker.

If you’re a Blink-182 fan, you probably already know that Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement was actually a reference to an old Blink-182 music video. Towards the end of the music video for the song “All the Small Things,” a fan holds up a sign that also reads, “Travis I’m Pregnant.”

At the concert on June 17th, Kardashian’s sign successfully caught the attention of the band, and Barker met up with his wife off stage to celebrate the announcement.

Not only did Kardashian hold up a pregnancy announcement sign at the concert, but she also wore an outfit designed to show off her belly bump. Considering the fact that Kardashian is clearly showing, some fans have been critical of the fact that it seems impossible that Barker wouldn’t have noticed before the show that Kardashian was pregnant.

Let’s assume Barker already knew his wife was pregnant before the concert and that the band was in on the “surprise” announcement. Does it matter if the surprise wasn’t for Barker? Many fans think that a surprise announcement to share the good news with fans, especially the fans who get the reference to the “All the Small Things” music video, is equally awesome.

Following the concert, Kardashian shared a video of the pregnancy announcement on Instagram.

Kardashian also shared a series of photos taken during and after the pregnancy announcement. She captioned the post, “Overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for God’s blessing and plan.”

Barker commented on Kardashian’s post writing, “God is great.”

While this will be Kardashian and Barker‘s first child together, they both have children from previous relationships. Kardashian has three children from her previous relationship with Scott Disick, and Barker has two children from his previous marriage to Shanna Moakler.

What do you think of Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement? How big of a Blink-182 fan are you? Would you have gotten the “All the Small Things” reference?