Kohl’s Has Been Clearing Space Inside Their Stores for a New Department You’re Going to Love

Let’s face it—if you are an avid shopper who doesn’t have a stockpile of Kohl’s Cash at your disposable, are you even an avid shopper at all? We think not!

Kohl’s is, simply put, a powerhouse of a big-box store that has a legion of devotees that routinely get some of the best deals around— and if you’re not one of them, you should be!

So, what if we told you that you could soon start spending your Kohl’s Cash on staples besides the ordinary clothing, makeup, sporting equipment, and gifts? That’s right, Kohl’s is soon going to begin selling groceries at ten of its department stores as part of a pilot program.

Now, we know what you may be thinking: What does a clothing store know about selling groceries? We have to admit that, we, too, were at first concerned that Kohl’s may be getting a bit too big for its britches, but it looks like the store has a pretty solid game plan.

In the past several months, Kohl’s has teamed up with retail powerhouses such as Amazon and Under Armour to strengthen its brand and bring more convenience to its customers. The store is getting so good at creating partnerships that it even reached out to another bargain favorite, Aldi, to help execute the strategy.

In a company earnings call, Kevin Mansell, the chief executive of Kohl’s, revealed his reason for implementing the Aldi grocery store feature into the stores. “The key priority we have as a company is to drive traffic,” Mansell revealed. “We’re focused on traffic-driving retailers: Groceries, supermarket chains, they drive a lot of traffic. We’re finally on a path where we’re getting more shoppers.”

Looks like Kohl’s is making your life easier by streamlining your shopping routine so that it can get its hands on your Kohl’s Cash. Money: it makes the world go ‘round!

What Kohl’s will look like once Aldi is introduced

If you’re a frequent Kohl’s shopper, then you may have noticed that your local store seems to be cutting back on some of its inventory. This might be because the company is preparing to devote roughly 10% of its locations to groceries—that’s about 9,000 square feet per store for your eats!

Moreover, it looks like Kohl’s is planning to create separate entrances for the pilot grocery departments, which means that it won’t look exactly like your local Wal-Mart or Target grocery sections.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the Aldi and Kohl’s stores will be separated by an interior wall and will exist as individual operations. Now, we don’t know what that means for the check-out process, but our guess is that, if the company wants the pilot program to be successful, it will find a way to make payment convenient.

OK, we were a little dubious at first, but now we’re completely sold on the concept! After all, the combo stores will definitely save us time—and probably some coins, too!

We’d love to hear your take on Kohl’s surprising business plan. Do you like their idea? Will you be shopping for groceries at the big-box store from now on? Are there any stores out there that offer better deals than Kohl’s?

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