Kim Kardashian Opens Up About How She and Pete Davidson Ended Up Getting Together

All couples have that initial spark in their own way—and celebrity couples are no different. Don’t believe us? Just wait until you hear about how Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson—aka “Kete”—ended up dating, which she revealed on Hulu’s The Kardashians.

On the latest episode, “Never Go Against the Family,” Kim touches on the details of her and Pete’s relationship. First, she talks about why she’s been so secretive about them getting together, which is something that she hasn’t publicly talked about much. And really, it was because she wanted to be sure the relationship was going to last.

“Honestly I just feel like I wanted to really make sure and not just be so, like, ‘Oh my God, I met someone and I’m having fun,’ and, you know, just start talking about it on a show and then if we weren’t talking months later, I’d be, like, an idiot, you know? Or a whore, either one,” she responded.

This may have something to do with how the two first met. Kim shared that their first connection following her SNL hosting debut last October—and in no way did she think she was going to end up dating him long term. In fact, he played a little bit of hard-to-get…which is probably why she pined for him more.

“Okay you guys have stalked me long enough. I’ll finally answer you,” Kim said. “So this is how it went down with Pete. I did SNL and then when we kissed in the scene it was just a vibe. And I was like, ‘Oh shit. Maybe I just need to try something different.’ But Pete does not come to my afterparty. Everyone was at my afterparty. [He] does not give me the time of day.”

So naturally, a few days later, Kim called an SNL producer to ask for Pete’s number, which they gave her. But her intentions weren’t to start going on dates with him…it was purely physical.

“I wasn’t even thinking, like, ‘Oh my God. I’m gonna be in a relationship with him.’ I was just thinking, like, heard about this BDE, [I] need to get out there. … I was just basically DTF,” Kim recalled.

Well…that certainly ended well!

Later in the episode, Kim says that Pete is “literally the best human being” she’s ever met. She goes on to say that he’s “really thoughtful and humble and just so genuine.”

Aww…they really do love each other! What started as a fluke ended in quite the lovey relationship. Just take a look at the two love birds as they hold hands with their matching platinum blonde hair walking the streets of London.

Do you think Kim and Pete are going to last based on how they first starting dating?