Kim Kardashian Is Not Thrilled To Find Out Who Is Moving In Across The Street

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Divorce is never easy, and most former couples want to have as little to do with each other as possible after a split. When children are involved, that’s not always possible.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have 4 children, and West wants to be as close to his children as possible even though he is no longer living in the same house as their mom. Kanye’s solution was a rather bold and creative one. He decided to buy the house right across the street from his ex-wife. That way he can be as close to his children as possible.

A source told In Touch that West “wants to be a constant presence while co-parenting his kids, and for Kanye, that means being as physically close to [their kids] as possible.” That sounds like a good dad, but it still could be very hard for an ex-wife to get used to. According to the source, “Kim might have to make some adjustments. I mean, nobody wants their ex living right across the street.”

While Kardashian might not be too happy about her new neighbor, her kids are thrilled. According to the source, “The good thing is that the kids are super excited to have daddy closer.” The source added, “It’s not the most conventional of divorce situations, to start a new life, dating and all that, but that’s not very surprising when it comes to Kanye. He does things his way and he wants to be close to his kids, and Kim too.”

It seems that West’s decision to buy the home was all about his kids. The source added that West “wants his kids to feel like they have two homes to go to. He wants them to know that both parents are present at all times. When they get out of school or are playing outside, their dad will always be nearby.”

Kardashian is not “necessarily thrilled” about the situation, but it is what it is. She has moved on to have a romantic relationship with Pete Davidson, and she can’t stop her ex from deciding to be her neighbor.

West bought the home across the street from Kardashian for $4.5 million. He doesn’t plan to live in the home on the property in its current condition. Instead, he plans to tear it down and rebuild. Most likely, the new home will be similar to the one he used to share with Kardashian. The source explained, “He likes it to be very minimal. He’s always been the decorating influence for Kim.”

How would you react if your ex bought the home across the street from your home? Do you think it was sweet of West to buy a home close to his ex-wife’s home so that he could be close to his children, or do you think it was a strange move and inconsiderate of Kardashian’s feelings?