Kim Kardashian Fails First-Year Law Exam aka “Baby Bar”

In March, Kim K. talked about her studies as a law student, saying that she was halfway through her program, with two years remaining. A new teaser for Keeping Up With the Kardashians tells us about the hard work and heartbreak that she has already faced on this journey.

In the latest Keeping Up teaser, Kim is shown chatting with her sisters, telling them that she didn’t pass “the baby bar,” (no, not that kind of bar) which is a First Year Law Exam that must be passed within three tries or a student will not be allowed to continue their study of law.

The teaser also showed Kim video chatting with her mentor, Atty. Jessica Jackson about her scores. Jackson assures her,

“You needed a 560, you got a 474. That’s extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic.”

Still, Kim is discouraged and replies “I am a failure.” and later elaborates to the camera,

“I spent six weeks straight, 10 to 12 hours straight studying and it was so important for me to take this and to not pass gets your spirit down and just makes you want to give up.”

The sisters continue to discuss Kim’s predicament, reassuring her that her family is proud that she’s trying and that she just needs to push through and try again because she’s put such an incredible amount of work into it already. Kim is still a little indecisive, worried about all the time that she’s taking away from other things, away from her kids and other responsibilities. Storylines in reality shows can be overly dramatized at times, but this was one that I absolutely think was as dramatic for TV as it was for the people living through it. Being discouraged in your studies is a tough thing to shake. I cannot imagine the amount of determination and dedication that one would have to have to jump back into such a difficult field while dealing with life in a pandemic and in the middle of a divorce. Kim’s statement from back in March does make it sound like she’s back in her groove and doing just fine with her studies now. I’m sure that we’ll find out more about her studies and struggles and victories as the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians continues to air on E!, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT.

Have you ever gone through something similar- a time when you failed and had to dust yourself off and try again? That takes some considerable courage and serious strength and we want to hear all about it!